Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nutshell Newsflash

Hey everybody! Sorry I've been missing for a while! Mom was traveling, then mom was sick and well, here's everything that's happened the last week or two in a nutshell:

1. Mom went away for a work trip. On said work trip, she got food poisoning (not pretty people, not pretty at all!). At first they thought it was her appendix, but it was just some bad chicken. She was pretty much out of it for four days, during this we come to news story number 2;

2. Mom took me for my graduation test (while still with the food poisoning). I did pretty good except for my down stay (which I normally rock, but I did rock my sit stay, which I usually mess up, weird huh?) and the exam by stranger. I wanted none of trainer Beth touching me because:

a. she had some weird cast thing on her thumb...how am I supposed to know where that's been?
b. mom felt like crap, and I wanted to stay with mom and keep her from the thumb thing in case it made her feel craptastic-er.

We had to wait till TUESDAY (the test was on Thursday) to get our results. Mom was nervous, I was nervous, I didn't even eat my chicken until trainer Beth called. She talked with mom and told mom she thought I'd do better if I went through the class again. At first mom was upset, but after talking with dad, realized the best thing for me is a strong foundation. And she's pretty sure I'll kick ass and take names in my redo of the class, especially if she's 100 percent and not craptastic.

Beth said I had beautiful heeling and recall work and was confused as to why I messed up my down stay (aren't we all?) but thinks I'll be ROCK SOLID after a rerun. Oh, and I'm still getting a new collar AND leash just for being so awesome! I love mom!

3. Demo has begun on the bathroom. I'm supervising. We've only had one incident of Dad running out of the house, soaked in water, to turn off the water main. Dad's dad (papa) is down helping him with the work...so far it passes all Anna codes.

4. Went to see some dogs. While talking to trainer Beth, she invited mom to the AKC dog agility trial this last weekend. Mom asked if she could take me, and Beth said normally no, but said it would be a great socialization time for me so to bring me.

We went and I did so freakin' good. I even saw trainer Beth (sans thumb thing) and kissed and licked her and let her pet me. Mom was just like "Now why didn't she do this the other night?!?!!?" I let lots of strange people pet me. And OMG there were sooooo many freakin' little Rebels (aka shelties) running around! It was INSANE!! We stayed for a few hours and after I did so good, mom got me my own Micky D's hamburger! Yum! I'm still thinking about the agility thing...might be fun!

That's about it for now...I've got a lot of blogger buddy reading to catch back up on! Toodles!


  1. Wow - that is a busy week! Sorry about the food poisoning.

  2. I'm so glad you are back! I thought maybe you ran off and married Chewy, your boyfriend from pet classes. I'm so sorry about your mom's food poisoning. I know that stuff is bad news and puts you out for sometimes a long time. Thanks for the laugh about your dad only having to run out of the house one time on the bathroom work. You are funny! If you go through training again, you will make even more friends but please don't run off again..we missed you! Lots of love, Debbie and Hollydog

  3. I'm so sorry to hear your mom's been sick - no fun for sure. At least you weren't sick, too! Taking that class over will have everyone impressed by your super skills and when you take your test your mom won't be sick and the trainer won't have freaky stuff on her hand. Everyone wins!


  4. I missed you Anna! But I see you has been following the German Shepherd manual to the letter! 1) Do the unexpected. 2) No allowing exam by stranger first time, second time opshonal. 3) Anything out of the ordinary (i.e. thumb things) is to be avoided at all cost. You did GRATE! I had to retake the Canine Good Citizen test THREE times coz I followed the German Shepherd manual so well. You go gurlfurrend! You do us proud.

  5. That was quite the big nutshell, Anna. And before we forget, thank you for making your way to our blog, we know how hard it is to get around to all when you have been away for a while. It means a lot to us.

    Too bad about the test but next time you will ace everything. You had a lot of outside forces hindering your best efforts - at least that's our two cents.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Repeating the class if you're not 100% is probably the best thing. Just think of how good you'll be when you're done with it.

    Too cool about the agility trial - they sure are fun events, aren't they? Even my fearful dog enjoys going to them.

  7. WOWZA! You has had some furry busy times at your house! It is so good to see you again.

  8. Wow - that's a lot of stuff! I hope your mom is all better from that nasty chicken.

    And I'm sure you're going to kick serious booty the next time you have to take that test!

  9. Woo are soooo great at multi-tasking!

    Such a busy gal woo are!

    Sorry about your mom's FP - 'they' say it is horrible!

    We'll be looking furward to hearing more about life in AnnaLand!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  10. Hey there Anna
    Things sound really hectic your end. Im sorry to hear about Mom's sickies...poor lady!
    As for your training...tell mom not to panic! My mom made that mistake with me once...it really is better to sit back a while and let us doggies go at our own pace. You are a great doggie and will do really well...one step at a time!
    Mom says that she often looks at the photo of the 'snow-dog' in her file. It's still the cutest little snow-dog ever!
    Welcome back and lotsaluv

  11. It's good to see you back, Anna! Sorry that your Moms has been sick. We hope that she is feeling much better now! You will totally own that redo class! You'll be able to ace every test!

    Woofs and Kisses!