Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Streetwalker Collar???

So yesterday, mom took me for a walk in my new "I failed OB but mom wanted to get me a new collar and leash to replace the bad mojo collar" collar and leash. It's very pretty...pinks and browns! I love pink so it's perfect and shows up really good against my black fur.

While walking we encountered several interesting things...a baby stroller that I walked behind until I realized it wasn't going to hurt me, some teenagers (not sure about those) and some barky dogs (which I ignore). Then it happened...I was propozitioned!!

The following tale is true and the photos are re-in-act-mints of what happened:

There Mom and I were, minding our own business walking with chirping birds and stuff and this guy in a car stops and asks:

"Do you breed her?"

WHA?? Mom and I was appalled! What do you think I am?? Some cheap streetwalker!?!

Mom and I shook our head NOO!!!

Mom says: "No, she's spayded!"

Creepy McCreeperson: "Well, she sure is pretty"

At this point, I couldn't even look at this man! But I still stuck my tongue out at him!

When we got home, the more I thought about it the madder I got. How dare someone ask if I "were for hire" while just walking with my mom! What kind of dog do they think I am!! So I took out my anger on my wubba:

Then I thought, maybe my new leash and collar are what did it, maybe they smelled like dirty streetwalking doggy germs, so I inspekted them.

They came up clean, so I guess Creepy McCreeperson was just that, creepy. Mom says that's why there's so many puppies out there that need homes, cause people see a dog, think it's pretty and they should just breed it, without doing any health testing or anything. Or even thinking of the thousands of puppies out there that need homes! Peoples are weird!


  1. Sigh, a lot of people do this, unfortunately. Do you know I've had people ask if I breed Marge, thinking she is a pure bred lab? It's pretty sad that they can't even tell she's a mix yet think she should be bred!

    It's so true - the puppy mills are responsible for all of the overpopulation problems we have now. Good for you and your Mom for telling this guy "NO!"

    BTW, I like your new collar!

  2. We think your new collar is beautiful!!!

    We also think people can be sooo RUDE sometimes!!


  3. Oh Anna! You sure are pretty!!! Are you available!....mmmmm..... :)
    I am totally collared by you!
    Sending lotsalicks and lotsaluv to you and Momma

  4. Peeples is not just weird, they is STUPID! I mean rilly, mistaking you fur an easy laydee of the streets, then insinuating you mite be a brood mare and make more puppies when there alreddy is too many wifout homes. Yup, he be STUPID. GRRRRRR. Wish I woz there we could has put the bitey on him togedder and he would thunked twice bout the error of hims way in the future. Love the new collah! (And it does not make you look cheep and taudry.)

  5. You should have explained to him what a shame it was that his mother did not get fixed. ;)

  6. Wow, I hope Creepy Mc Creepy keeps of your street sweetie x

  7. Anna, that is just horrible. Life with Dogs has it right with his comment. I agree! He could have been dangerous too. That's what always gets never know about these creeps out there. Do they want the they want to get the person. I'm glad you were there to protect your mom and if this idiot wanted to breed you, he is a total idiot asking a stranger. You are beautiful but most dogs with great parents have their dogs neutered or spayed because of the on going many dogs and pupppies without homes. Good breeders are posted in the paper and sometimes you really have to check them out to make sure they are not backyard puppy mills. I love you keep protecting your mom from idiots on the streets!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Hollydog

  8. Hi Anna,

    That was a creepy encounter you had. I hope that guy doesn't live in your neighborhood!

    Sorry about the OB class. How did your buddy Chewy do? Will you still get to see him?


  9. I'm sure it was just because that new collar and leash made you irresistable. It does look wonderful against your fur. Just hold your head up high. You know you aren't easy - or even possible. That's all that matters.

  10. You are so right, Anna. I applaud you for being a well behaved and dignified young lady. What a creepo!

  11. I totally agree that the guy was creeeeepy and RUDE! Look at it this way, though...he was just overwhelmed by your beauty.

    My collar is pink and brown, too!

  12. My furiends have already pawed what I would have!

    Your khollar is PAWESOME BTW!


  13. Great collar, Anna. Unfurtunately some hoomans were borned witout brains ;)


  14. We Wuv your new collar and leash. We don't see anything streetwalkie about it!!

    The nerve of that guy!!! You should have peed on his shoe! That'd teach him!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  15. Anna, we love your new collar. Ciara's is pink and brown too, Mom thinks it is a great color combo for both of you.

    You are such a beauty that silly person was trying to be nice, we think. No way are you THAT kind of girl pup. We actually had our window washers ask Mom once if he could use Phantom or Thunder as a stud - Mom told him all about irresponsible breeding and that we were all spayed or neutered.

    Love your tongue shots:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara