Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busy Week...the return of Dr. Vet!

So, windows are going in the house right now...seems to be going okay so far, even though mom hasn't come home for lunch to conduct an inspektion. But I'm supervising, which means no glass has been broke! Yay!!

It's been a busy week. On Monday night we went to Petsmart to practice my "awareness issues". I did noticeably better, and I'm walking prettier next to mom. We even met a husky who's mom was talking to my mom about issues she was having, such as pulling. Mom said to try the reverse method--everytime I pull my stops and and we turn around. It's working for me, but the lady seemed doubtful. Mom said to give it a try!

On a sidenote, the Petsmart people know me now, asking "How's Mrs. Anna doing tonight?" I have a new fanclub! Maybe I was wrong to judge Petsmart?

Last night we took practice to the street again, I walked pretty out the driveway into the road and we practiced sits and "watch me"'s and I done good! Tonight will be an off night since mom has church....then tomorrow is....gulp...class!

We'll get there early again so I can walk and sniff around, hopefully I'll be a little more alert to mom and not everything around me! I really hope that little mixed dog stays away from my booty and my treats. Mom said she'll try not to get put into a group with them.

Then, the real scary thing, I'm going to Dr. Vet Friday morning for X-rays! Before Christmas there were some concerns about my elbow and Dr. Vet wanted to look inside me. This involves me not eating after 10 p.m. tomorrow night and for mom to get up EARLY to take me to Dr. Vet to be dropped off and knocked out. Mom is also going to have Dr. Vet look at my hips to see if there are any signs of issues I may have later on, such as hip displaysia. I'm already on joint supplements just to keep me healthy, so I hope I pass this test.

Mom is a little worried, but I think it's just mom's don't like having to drop their kids off and then not knowing what's going on. At least it's on a Friday, so when I get home all wonky from being sedated mom gets to stay with me the next day.

Mom said she'd update the blog for me if I'm too wonky to let my puppy and kitty friends know what's going on.
Whew! What a busy busy week! I'll let you know how class goes tomorrow night!


  1. Hi there Anna,

    We wish you luck and lots of happy thoughts as you go to the Dr. V-E-T. We keep our paws crossed that you pass your tests with flying colors.

    -Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Scrappy & Bullet

  2. Woof! Woof! To You ANNA. Good Luck on your VET appt ... YAH! It can be scary especially for our family. You'll fine and will do great. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Hi Anna! I wish you well at the Vet. It's always scary for my mom when she takes me too. I am so glad you are there to be the inspecktor for the windows and I know you are a very good inspecktor! I bet you are a knockout at Petsmart and hope you don't get paired with that other dog that steals your booty. The reverse thing was tried with my mom but she got dizzy doing it because she kept having to turn around so many times. I have to keep her busy somehow though. Having her turn constantly was funny! Lots of love, Hollydog

  4. Keep checking on those window workers and be sure they do a good job and don't get hurt. Then have lots of fun and class and perform well. Too bad about the vet visit but it will all be OK. Just smile pretty when they take your picture:)

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  5. Hi there Anna! Hope everything goes ok at the Dr. Vet.
    I have Family Dog II class this has to bring lots of stuff for me to stay focused! I am so interested in EVERYTHING, why not?! I can be a leash puller at times, we've started playing mellow ball fetch inside to burn off some of that wild energy I get when I head out! It works sometimes. And, the reverse walk when I pull forward is good as well...but I haven't totally figured out what's going on when that happens.... Good grief!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  6. Anna,

    Good luck with your xrays. I hope they only find good things!


  7. Whenever my mom pulled too much, I tried that reverse thing -

    It didn't seem to work on her but then again....

    ANYWAY, good lukhk with the Return to The Vet...I KNOW woo will do well BUT make sure to milk it fur all woo khan!


  8. Great job with all that practicing! Sounds like you're doing really well.

    I had pictures taken of my insides in November, before I came to live with my new Mom. Wanna see? So cool! I have elbow problems, too, but in that picture they were looking for bladder stones. None there!

  9. If you see the Siberian again, let them know that a Herd of Siberians has been through that exact training. Requires lots of patience on the human's part, because we Siberians love to pull.

    Best of luck on the vet picture taking. And don't let your humans laugh at you in your wonky post-picture state.

  10. Anna, we have all of our paws crossed for you (imagine how hard it is to pee!) that you're elbow is going to be just fine!!

    Woofs and Kisses!