Thursday, January 28, 2010

Class Update!

Just a quick update before I head off to bed and the vet tomorrow. Boo!

Mom and I got to class early and we sat and watched the other doggies. I was nervous, and shaking a little bit.

We got into the ring and successfully avoided the treat stealing booty sniffing dog. Good thing too, he peed in class later. Oy!

The trainer worked with our group on our sits and lays. The trainer told mom I still looked nervous and mom said "It's okay, if I paid for socialization classes, I'm fine with it" It was then that I decided to shine for mom!

She asked me to sit, and I sat, then she asked me to lay and I thought for a second and laid down!! Mom and the trainer were so shocked! Mom gave me a big hug! We did this a few more times, then moved onto the heeling session. I walked pretty with mom and the trainer was very impressed. Then we worked on our "come" command and I let the trainer hold my collar while mom walked away, without spazzing out!

Finally, we did some sit/stays which I did, then we did some down/stays. I did this so well, the trainer pointed me out as an example! Holy crapola! At the end of class mom worked on the "watch me" commands which I was doing and sits. The trainer came by and told my mom I was like a whole new dog! She was very impressed.

She told mom to keep up my outdoor/Petsmart training. I think I def got most improved!

Also, I may have a new boyfriend...his name is Chewy and he's a shitzu. He's awesome. I was doing so good I even licked his mom in the face, mom was amazed because I'm normally very wary of new people. But I needed to impress Chewy's mom cause I like working with Chewy!

Well, I'm bushed! Mom said she'll update tomorrow on my visit to Dr. Vet.


  1. You're doing a great job. Tell mom to NEVER worry about the progress of other dogs in class compared to you -- all dogs learn at their own rate, so you might get some things better than others in the beginning.

    Can't wait to hear the news from the Vet. Hope it's good news.

  2. Yay, you are doing pawesome!! Boyfriend...nice ..maybe you can share his picture soon :)

    Have a great Friday!!

    Licks from me!

    Olive :)

  3. Anna and Chewy sittin' in a tree...

    Hey Anna, Glory has a new boyfriend too. His name is Bruce, and she met him at the dog park this weekend. Bruce is an American Staffordshire Terrior, and she thinks he is ALL THAT and more!

  4. See, we knew you could do it, Anna. You and Mom should be very proud, and we hope you got a nice tasty treat for doing so well.

    Happy Friday, Phantom and Thunder

  5. That's wonderful news Anna!!! I knew you could do it and you sure did!!! A new boyfriend! Now that's even more interesting!!! You will be looking forward to going to classes now!! Hope everything goes well at the vet. Love, Debbie and Holly