Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beware the Polar Bear!

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA, but mom had a sinus infection over the weekend meaning I had to once again put on my nurse hat and help take care of her. Man, these peoples are high maintenance!!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great New Year's! I stayed up with mom and dad till a bit after midnight then we all crashed. And the new year has brought something unexpected--FREEZING WEATHER!!!

OMG, we live in Alabama for a reason, that reason is while it does get hot, the winters are typically mild. Not this year. Saturday it's supposed to get down to 10 degrees here. Yes, that's One-Zero--TEN. And we might even get snow tomorrow! What the crap!?!? Now I like snow, but the other stuff I could do without!

Everytime mom and dad take me out to potty, they bundle up and look like weeble wobbles covered in scarfs and coats. I think Duncan almost froze to the fence in "mid-stream" the other night. And with the cold weather it's also very dry, giving me the winter itchies! Mom bought a humidifier (who knew we'd ever need to make our house more humid in Alabama?!?!) and has upped my egg intake to one a day to help with my itchies.

I thought I saw a polar bear out the other night, so I decided I needed a big stick as a weapon...that or for kindling in case we get too cold. Behold--my Polar Bear Beating Stick!!

I am Master of the Giant stick! With my sidekick Duncan!

Duncan, act like a polar bear so I can practice my polar bear ninja moves!

So we've been spending a lot of time inside. I've been playing with and destroying my toys I got for Christmas. First to go was this "indestructable" toy Granny bought me. I think that is a challenge, so I tore apart the tennis ball. It didn't stand a chance!

I hope we do get snow tomorrow. I like to play in it. Tomorrow night mom and dad are going to or-e-in-tation for my doggy school that starts next week. I wonder what they'll find out??

Stay warm and watch out for those polar bears!!


  1. Does polar bears has black tongues or is that a chow chow in a polar bear soot? I readed last nite that it woz 1 degree warmer in Alaskah than in Flooreeda. Wot is this werld coming to?

  2. Aww, So sorry about Mom. It seems to be cold all over lately..brrrr. Our walks are very short these days. I love to play the destroy the toy game too..BOL!!

    Polar bears..oh my! I will look out for them.

    Scary huh??

    Licks to you and sure hope Mom is better now.

    Olive :)

  3. Your pups are so cute! Nice to meet you :)

  4. Hi Anna,

    You better put on your snowsuit! We're getting more snow right now and mom says it's going to be REALLY cold tonight and tomorrow. So much for that global warming stuff huh?


  5. Oh I'm sure dog school will be so much fun! And I hope you get a little snow to play in! Now if only all these hoomans could stop having the sickies..

  6. We hope you get some snow too, Anna - you will just love it. If you don't, tell your Mom to send you to Kansas, it is snowing really hard right now and it is really cold - two wonderful things for us sibes.

    Tell the humans to stay warm and we hope your itchies go away.

    Play bows, Phantom and Thunder

  7. Anna, you sure are a good nurse for your mom! I hope she is doing much better. That polar bear is scary looking!! We are getting too much snow and I bet the polar bears are lurking outside. We better get a big stick to keep them away!! Hope your itches goes's just way too cold!!

  8. Cold here in North Georgia...A lot of snow hype...schools announcing closings, 24 hours before the anticipated snow!!!

  9. We are supposed get snow everyday through Sunday this week, so . . .

    Grins - we love winter.

  10. Woo really need to toughen up your pawrents!

    I mean, mine was out in a bathrobe and boots to film my snow videos!

    Sometimes she even khomes out in her bear/bare feet to untangle me!

    Here's to SNOW fur WOO!


  11. Anna - If you want snow, then I hope you get some... I like cold weather, but this has been ridiculous and we've had more than enough snow already. It's only Jan. 6th. Good grief. The Sibes can have the rest of it and the bone chilling temps too.

  12. I hope you get LOTS of snow to play in!!

    How is your elbow feeling?

  13. We watching for them too, here in Tennessee!! It really is COLD isn't it?

    Woofs and Kisses!

  14. No snows here, but it is WAY cold here in South Texas too!!