Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tough Call

In just TWO WEEKS! YES 14 DAYS from now, we'll be in the divamobile heading up to vacay in the mountains! Ahhh...the mountains. One of my, well our, favorite places!

We've been going to the same spot for about four years now. We love it there. The last year we took the BP for his first time (well, tecknically second, he went in mom's belly one time!). But this year will be different, mom and dad made a hard decision. One mom still feels like crap about.

Duncan isn't going.

Now, we all know Duncan is beyond old fart status. He's 16.5 and will turn 17 in February. He's still pretty spry as far as fossils go. But he has slowed down a bit. I have no idea why!

He does do well in the crisp mountain air, but during our last few trips he's been hiking less and less. It's just too hard on the old fella. And he'd rather sleep in his comfy ortho-pee-dic dog bed within easy reach of noms.

Dad was just worried because our cabin is two flights of stairs to get in and out. No other way to get in or out, with slick wood floors. Mom was in denial. But the more mom and dad talked about it, they grew more concerned that he might slip and fall, and even worse, if he fell while we were out hiking (inside, he's never unsnoopervised on the outside stairs).

On our last trip, he only made on small hike around the property and then had the run in with Canine Vestibular Disease which scared the crap out of mom and dad.

So they decided, Dunc will not travel to North Carrylina. Instead, he'll stay at Camp Spoiled A Lot with Granny and Pawpaw for the week. Dunc is actually kinda excited about this, because Granny likes to spoil us with treats and noms.

Mom says parenting is hard, and she'll probably cry like a baby when we leave Dunc at Camp Spoiled A Lot. But Granny has assured him, she will live up to the camp name. And while I will miss my old, fossil brother, but there is one thing I won't miss...

Old, nasty, dog farts. OMD his butt is nasty!! That's 8 hours of being trapped with fossilized dog gas!!

*Mom side note: We really did wrestle with this decision to not take the Dunc with us. But we know it will be better and safer for him to get pampered at my mom's. And yes, we will all kinda "miss" Dunc's impressive gas. :)


  1. Sometimes I stay st gramma's too, its pretty great. She has kittehs I can play with!


  2. Duncan will have his own special kind of camping trip with the grandpeeps and we KNOW he is going to love being spoiled. We bet you are going to have a pawsome time Anna Banana....just keep a close watch on that bald puppy of yours

  3. We think mum and dad is right as Dunc is better off being pampered and spoilt. We stopped taking Ancient Pip to the park when she was about 15.5 and we use to have to creep out when she was asleep. Use to break peep's heart when we'd get back and she was asleep right behind the font door. Dears loves why do the get old? We so understand and worry not Duncs will have a great time.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. WE think you made the RIGHT decision... Duncan will have a GRAND time... FARTIN around with Granny and PawPaw... and sleeping and Eating and stuffs... It is a KINDNESS to share him with the GRANDS.. THEY will Love it and we are SURE that Camp Spoil A Lot WILL live up .

  5. Mom worried about that same issue one year with Lilac. I think the people who know and love him best are the right ones to make the call, and it sounds like Granny's house is practically a dream destination!


  6. We totally get it, our brother Bilbo is also a fossil....and he would rather take naps than go bye bye any day of the week!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Anna, I was at the EMERGENCY VET today, oh yes I was! They think I had an attack of that old fart vestibular disease. Mom was like crazy freaked out! I remembered somebuddy had the same stuffs and just now remembered it was DUNCAN! So my mom wants to email your mom but cannot find her email address. Can you pawlese has your mom email my mom at shepshawnee at gmail dot com? She has gotted a hold of herself now and is no longer going cracker crazy thinking I was kicking the chicken jerky bucket but she just has some questions fur one with pawsonal experience. Going back to my bed now coz my werld be spinning and spinning and spinning....