Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I don't get it...

So I've written about Max, my boxer boyfriend. I've come to realize that Max is always outside and I never see him with his peoples. I even noticed last night that Max doesn't have any toys in his backyard. I'm not understanding this.

This got me to being more observant. While walking the hood, I noticed that there are A LOT of dogs that seem to be left in the yard...with no peoples. There is another German Shepherd that always barks at us when we walk by. He doesn't bark like a "hey! I'm happy come play with me!" bark but a more of "I WILL EAT YOU!" kind of bark. Then I realized, he's always outside too! But his peoples have some little mini-pin they take inside, but he's always left outside, sometimes on a chain. I think this may explain his pissyness.

Then there are the three yappy jack russells. I usually just ignore them, but I realized they're outside too...hmm..then there are the two poor dogs across the street that are always outside...they were even outside last year when it snowed!

Now mom and dad leave Duncan and I outside when they go to work. But sometimes dad is home until like 2 then mom comes home at five, and when they're home, we're wherever they are. When we go out to potty and stuff, mom or dad goes with us. When mom and dad go inside they whistle for us and say "Let's go inside!" and we go inside. And we have tons (literally, tons) of toys.

Why would people get a puppy if they don't spend any time with it? I'm very confused by this. We puppies love our peoples. We love spending time with you. We like toys and we like to play. We do not like being left alone.

I couldn't imagine what I would do if mom and dad just left me in the yard and never played with me. If they didn't hug and kiss and pet me. That I couldn't sleep on the bed but outside with bugs and on the dirt. I know this would never happen and I count my little lucky puppy stars that they aren't like that, but now I feel bad for those puppies who don't have a mom and dad like mine, or like my Aunt Temple or my neighbors or Aunt Lou or Granny and Papa.

I know most of my bloggy friends have awesome pet parents, so give them an extra kiss today, they are awesome!!


  1. What a great post! I have a big lab friend who is always outside in a 6x6 pen. I never see anyone playing with him either... I'm going to give my momster an extra kiss today!

  2. Hi Anna, m name is Finn and I've only just been introduced to you by Pluto. I'd hate to be left outside on my own, aren't we lucky to have peoples who want our company? I can't understand why anyone wouldn't, why have pups if yo don't?

  3. We don't get it either? Those people are missing a lot. We feel very lucky that we were rescued and have a lot of people around us that treat us right and love us. Some people shouldn't have animals or kids.

  4. Would they leave a hooman child outside?
    We don't get it either Anna!
    Wrooo wrooo,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  5. Sweetheart, it is a terrible thing that some humans do to animals. Dogs are pack animals and crave to be with their people. We think that the humans who leave their dogs outside should have to stay tied up in place of the dog.

  6. It's pretty sad how people get a dog and then ignore them. Thats why there are so many dogs with behavior problems - because no ones there to teach them anything or give them love.

    You are a lucky dog, Anna, to be loved by your family so much!

  7. We just dropped by from Khyra's blog to say HI. We agree with you so much! As a working dog I'm with my family 24/7 - I couldn't begin to imagine what it must be like for those poor unfortunate dogs.

    Take care

  8. Woo are young my dear but woo have already learned that too many people are STOOPID...

    PeeEssWoo: And that's one of the nicer words I'll paw