Monday, August 10, 2009

I lost my privlages...

I'm back after being on hiatus. Seems I lost my laptop privlages because something can I explain it? Hmm...maybe I'll just show you:

I honestly have no idea what happened!! I mean, mom and dad left me for Mizz-or-ee and I woke up the next morning and the loveseat must have spontaneously combusted while I slept!

The Petsitter called mom and told her...she said mom laughed. I was like "whew!". Of course, mom couldn't see what it looked like. Then mom and dad got home. It was all fa-la-la-la-la reunion, then after we all calmed down, mom and dad looked at the couch....

I tried to tell them my thoughts on the matter, that it was either caused by:

1. The kitties (come on, they could totally do that!!) setting me up. Stupid kitties.

2. Aliens...couch eating aliens.

3. Mobsters who ransacked ONLY the couch for contriband milkbones

4. An adorable, innocent, little 65-lb GSD puppy who missed her mommy and daddy so much she got pissed, lashed out in pure diva furry at the closest thing possible then blacked out from the event.

Mom and dad were fine....but mom did take away my blogging for a week. I guess it's an even mom said she wanted a new couch anyway, so we're all happy.

Other than that, I was awakened Friday morning by something on the sounded like five giant, evil squirrels. I KNEW this day would come! So I got all alert, woke up mom and dad to warn them of the impending giant-mutant squirrel war, but mom showed me it was some men. They were giving us a new roof.

After barking at them (just to let them know I was there, in case they morphed into giant mutant squirrels) I got used to it. Although it did hinder me from taking my daily nap for all that blasted banging. But they got it done, under my watchful eye!

Only 45 days to the beach! I'll be blogging again soon!


  1. Anna, I know you're innocent! It's the evil aliens who are trying to get you into trouble!

  2. I really do think THOSE skhwirrels did THAT to the sofa!

    I mean, just take a look at woo!

    Woo are too khute to khause THAT!


  3. Wrooo wroooo,
    We like the couch eating alien story...pretty clever! That might come in handy some day!
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  4. Definitely had to be aliens or mutant squirrels, surely not sweet Anna. Glad you got your laptop privileges back.

    woos, the OP Pack