Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why did the chicken cross the road?

He didn't! Cause I have his foot! Bahahahahaha!!! Get it??

In mom's ever-going search for odd nasty things for us to eat, she stumbled upon chicken feet. See, Duncan and I are on a raw diet...meaning we eat raw chicken and piggies and cows and stuff. It's yum-tastic and very healthy. Our teeth are white, we have no doggie smell or breath and we're both shiney!

Well, while ordering some stuff for us, mom stumbled upon chicken feet. They are supposed to be great for dogs with arthritis. I don't have it, but Duncan does. Mom said since they're basically cart-e-ledge that they are good for us. So she ordered a bag.

Mom had to warn dad what was coming from the FedEx man, in case he was worried she was starting into voo-doo. But they got here and man, are they yummy! We get a few a week and don't take very long to chew, but we really like them. Duncan woofs his down (get it? Woofs? this post is pure comic genius!!).

So we've found there is basically nothing we won't eat. Mom ordered us a new bag which should be here tomorrow. She also orderded us some tripe...I think I mentioned it before. It's kinda stinky but that just means we love it more. Dunc's even lost a little bit of weight since going to raw...he was what mom called "husky" (but not a real husky like my friends the Woos or Khyra!). His teeth are also ALMOST as white as mine!

Well, since I was on such a roll, here's one last joke for you:

What do you call a great dog detective??? Sherlock Bones!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week!!!

Sidenote, I didn't get to go see Max last night, mom had a sewing class. We'll go on a walk tonight and I'll take him a cookie!


  1. Ha roo rooo, Anna, you gave us some great laughs today. Chicken feet - bet they are tasty. We don't get raw here but we might like to try some. Mom has heard all the horror stories about the smell of tripe but it is supposed to be very tasty and good for pups.

    Keep those jokes coming.

    Woos and Woofs too, the OP Pack

  2. You guys have us laughing...
    Chicken feet? Do you do the chicken dance after eating them?

    saw lots of sled dogs eating tripe at the Iditarod last year...looks gross but it makes them run!!!

  3. Mom keeps promising I'll get to try a turkey nekhk or chikhken thighs 'soon'

    I'll have to makes sure she reads THIS!