Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm not Depressed!

I keep hearing something on the TV about Anna being depressed. What is up with this?? These are lies! Why would I be depressed! I have my wubba, my bawk bawk, my food and my new kitty friend Simon! Mommy and daddy are both home...what gives?

I'm going to sue the TV people. Why would they tell everyone that I, Anna the most awesome German Shepherd Puppy in the world is depressed!?! I feel like Britney when mobbed by the media. Given, I'm not going to shave my head and attack with an umbrella (I have no thumbs) but it's still disturbing.

I mean, I love meeting puppies and I'm going on vacation next month for goodness sake! I demand the media take back their slander and lies about my emotional state. The only medication I take is my heartworm/flea pills. I am not the Lindsey Lohan of the doggie world and I demand retribution for these lies.

Wait, what's that? Ana is a tropical storm/depression? Well, how the crap am I supposed to know what the hell that is? Oh, well, umm....then I'm suing the National Weather people for confusing people about me! I mean, I'm the only Anna that matters! You're going down kinda hot bald weatherman Jim Cantore! You will rue the day you messed with me!


Non-depressed Anna out!!


  1. Woo will learn to tune out the humans that babble on TV fur they know not what they spew!


  2. You sure don't look depressed to us - happy girl Anna!!! Turn a deaf ear to that TV - they are usually wrong about the weather anyway.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  3. We agree with the OP pack and Khyra about the TV humans babbling about the weather. Besides we think you are beautiful and you look very happy.
    Ernie & Sasha

  4. Anna, I knew they weren't talking about you cause you're too perfect to be depressed! Those media people really need to get their facts checked!

  5. How dare they name a bad and ugly storm after you when you are just the purr-tiest lady that we know who is a black GSD. We think that Freyja is the purr-tiest black and tan GSD!