Monday, August 31, 2009

All About Me!

Today is all Not like that's any different since it is MY blog, but I was tagged by friend Shawnee to play a bloggie game. I have to list seven things that make me awesome and then tag 7 friends who is supposed to do the same.
Only seven things? This is going to be hard! I am an awesome doggie diva because:

1. I am super shiney...I am so shiney you can see me from the space station. Take that Great Wall of China!

2. I am a master squirrel chaser and am in constant preparation for the great Squirrel's coming's coming.

3. I have made peace with one of the kitties...whew!

4. I have the ability to engage in super-puppy warp drive speed!

5. I keep my older brother on his toes and helps to "keep him young" as mom says.

6. Dad and I have formed a rockgroup--I sing when he plays the harmonica!

7. I am a sweet puppy and I love my family and love to make them laugh or snuggle up in bed with them!

I also was given the Oops I Ate It passer-on thing from my friends Scout and Freyja! For some reason, they seem to think I, of all puppies, would steal food from my peoples! What would give you that idea? Whistle whistle....

But I can honestly say, I have not stolen food from my peoples. Hard to believe ain't it?? The only thing I eat that they don't like is:

1. Poop...either mine or the kitties

2. Mom's underpants

3. Dead squirrel carcasses

So, if any of you guys want these awards or want to play along by either being tagged or confess what you've stolen from your peoples please share!! I can't wait to see what you've got!


  1. Wow, Anna, you is an awesome doggie diva! Great Skwerrel War? Kewl! I join forces wif you, k? I has been in training for years. And I is gonna grab the Oops-I-Ate-It passer on thingie coz just so happens I have a very recent storee and pic about that. Stay tooned.

  2. I think Marge is going to have to join this squirrel war too. After her performance at the park the other day, looking ALL over for any sign of one worse than she's ever done before, I think she's worthy of the title Master Squirrel Hunter.

  3. I've resukhred my sekhtor from those nasty invaders*!

    Tank woo fur sharing those fakhts about woo!


    *(skhwirrels AND khats)

  4. Anna, you are truly pawsome! Except that I cannot agree with you becoming furiends with the enemy... aka cats! I gotsa agree with Khyra on that one! BOL!

  5. Anna, you should have a guest appearance by your doggy sibling sometime!

    Panties, well, those are hard to walk by, aren't they? My grand-dog ♥s those things☺