Friday, August 28, 2009

Gift Ideas?

Soooo my big girl One Year b'day is coming up and mom has asked me what I want for my b'day. Well, I want my OLD pool but that's out of the question since she tossed it away like trash, but really, I don't know if I want another pool right now. It's getting cooler here so I may look at other options.

Mom said she's going to make me a cake, I'm pretty pumped about that...a whole cake, for me and Duncan. I don't know if I can contain myself!

Anyway, what do you guys suggest I ask for? Do you have any favorite toys? Right now I love my wubba and my Bawk Bawk....they are my faves. But what are your favorite toys that you think my mom should invest in for me?


  1. Hm.. do you like Bully Sticks? Your mom could order a whole bunch for you (they're very cheap online) so you and Duncan can enjoy them for not only your birthday, but for a whole month!

    I swear.. people must think I'm a bully stick salesperson the way I talk about those things. LOL. But Marge has really enjoyed them in the past so I know how much fun they can be for a doggie.

  2. We think that Buster Cubes and Kong toys are really cool cuz your momma can stuff 'em fulla' good treats. Bein' one year old is a big birthday, yes, it is cuz that is a big milestone.

    We would like to invite you over to our bloggy cuz we gots an award fur you if you would like to take it. We think that you will have lots of fun playin' with it!

  3. Woof Anna, we came over to sniff out your blog from Scout 'n Freyja's. You are very beautiful!
    We love Kong and we have a duck duck stufie.
    We hope your ma get you lots of cool presies!
    Please come and sniff our blog when you get a chance. We share it with mommy.

    Samantha & June

  4. Stuffies are always welcome here and a new wubba. Any kind of ball at all. If you like to fetch, then one of those flat flying squirrels that TD prefers to eat.

    We are sure that whatever you get, you will love.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  5. Wubbas are good!

    Then again, Daphne got a new vehikhle...maybe woo need one too!


  6. I second the bully sticks... I lurves em (and though daddy thinks it's gross that I'm literally chewing on a bull's "stick", my momster keeps buying them)!

    My momster recently got me a squeaky heart from petco (they're currently on clearance) by my dog (for selection on amazon: The prices on amazon are higher than our local petco. I LOVE the large squeaky heart, and the squeak is super loud, which drives my momster nuts! (that's a good thing in my book!)

    Hope you get what your heart desires!