Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweet Potatoes and Sticks

While lounging around this weekend, mom got a wild hair up her butt and decided to try to make some homemade sweet potato treats! Usually mom's experiments work out, and even if they don't, I can't really tell. I mean, I eat poop, so my palate isn't too extravagant!

Mom started by taking a sweet potato, washing it off, cutting it in half horizontally then cutting 1/8-1/3 inch horrizontal slices. She cut her finger a few times, which caused her to go into some weird word fits, but by the second potato she got the hang of it.

Then she placed it on a cookie sheet, baked at 200-250 for two hours...flipping them every 30 min. I waited patiently...two hours is a long freakin' time. Then they were ready...well not really, then mom let them sit out for like 30 min. FINALLY they were ready for taste test and they were yummy! Mom bought us some storebought dried potatoes but those buggars are expensive, so this is a new way for us to get our tators!! Duncan and I both love the tators and they're healthy or something. I don't care, I just know they taste good!

I also proved to mom that while I love her buying me toys, I am perfectly entertained by a stick. I found this big one in the yard and commenced to practicing my ninja/Star Wars/medieval staff squirrel attack moves for like 30 min. Then I bit it in half. Maybe she can make me some "num-chucks"?


  1. Yummy!

    Sweet 'tators are grrrreat!

    I'm not really drawn to stikhks so I'll save the ones in my yard fur woo!


  2. Our momma is gonna try making some of those sweet taters! They sound like they might be good! Yeah, we sometimes eat poop, too. Our momma is not liking it when we do that, though.

  3. Anna, I love the new design of your blog! so feminine!

    I love your ninja moves.... they're awesome!

    Thanks for your comment on our blog regarding raw... Momster has considered it, but she does not have enough knowledge about canine nutrition at this point to feel comfortable feeding raw... The idea is SO daunting! (though it apparently is pretty easy once you've got the hang of it.) The other challenge is convincing daddy about raw... he's not on board yet.

    We'd love to get more information about raw feeding, as Momster will eventually change my diet from kibble. My email is browniebarks [at] gmail [dot] com.


  4. Your sweet potato treats sound yummy and easy - maybe even the humans would like them:) Must be a husky thing, like Khyra we aren't into sticks at all, maybe we are missing out on something good.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  5. The sweet potato recipe sounds like a great idea. I'll try it one day - thanks for sharing it!