Monday, August 24, 2009

I met a new friend!

While on our afternoon walk on Saturday mom and I met a new friend! Her name is Bella or Isabell (we have to be BFF since my name is Annabelle...coincidence? I think NOT!)

She's a spaniel of some didn't bring her camera. Crazy woman, I must have pupp-aratzi with me at all times and she dragged her feet and left the camera at home. Anyway, this is what Bella looked like...except she was brown.

I was just happy to meet another puppy on our walk. There are two other dogs in the hood that walk but I'm not allowed to meet them. Mom said they'll eat my face off which would probably cause her to get into fist-a-cuffs with their owners. This doesn't sound good so I've learned to ignore them for fear of mom going to the bighouse.

We'd never seen Bella before and I was making a bee-line for her. Mom asked Bella's mom if she was friendly (I already knew she was, you can just tell with some dogs) and she said yes, so I got to sniff and lick her and do my play bows and jump around like a spaz. It was AWESOME!

Mom and Bella's mom talked for a while but I have no idea what they were saying. I was in puppy heaven. Bella told me she's 11 months too! I think the stars have alligned and set me up with a BFF! But then when we left I asked mom if she knew where Bella lived and she said no. Thanks for NOTHING mom! I looked for Bella on our walk last night, but didn't see her.

We did go by and see Max, my boxer boyfriend. I've realized that Max is ALWAYS outside...never inside with his peoples like I am. They even have little peoples in his house, but Max is always outside alone. I think tonight I'll take Max a dog biscuit.


  1. Pore Max! Why does peeples has a dog if they not let them in the house? Mebbe they has stuffs in their yard wot needs protekshun? That would be nice if'n you takes Max a cookie. Hope you see your new BFF again!

  2. We also feel sorry for poor Max. That just isn't right!!!! Glad you are watching over him and maybe taking him a cookie. Some people shouldn't have pets. Sounds like Bella could be an awesome friend and playmate. Hope you see her again.
    Ernie & Sasha

  3. Oh, poor Anna, you will have to get Mom to walk the same route at the same time until you and Isabel meet up again. This time give Mom that nudge to set up a playdate.

    woos, the OP Pack

  4. Awww, Anna, you're so sweet to take your boyfriend a biscuit! I so hope that his family brings him inside at least some of the time!

    My hooman mom is sometimes forgetful too... seems like they need to take more supplements!

  5. That is furry nice of woo to watch out fur Max!

    I hope woo get to see your BFF SOON!

    I'm sure she has LOTS more to tell woo!