Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Panzer Prayers Please

Dogmom here.

I need Blogville prayers for little Panzer. I am beside myself.

I came home at lunch, checked on Panzer all was fine, let him out, fed, potty etc. Left about 1:30 then returned home about 5 pm. When I went to check and he somehow got himself wedged in the wire create corner trying to escape.he got his body through but was pinched in right at the waist/hips. I ripped it apart, got him out and he couldn't stand on his back legs. 

Rushed to the vet, they did x-rays and the only concern my vet had was one of his vertebrae had a little more spacing than the others. Good points, by that point he could sit up on his back legs, move toes tail and had reflexes. Concern, didn't show sphincter reflex. Left leg was of more concern than right, as it was cooler to touch when he first came in but was warming up. 

He's stayed overnight and received a steroid injection. 

The vet called this morning, he's slowly improving. He's better, he's sitting up and trying to walk. When he stands it's like a poo - hunch back. He has eaten wet food, seems more normal and alert. He has not pooed on his own, has a little sphincter reflex, so they're going to give an enema. 

She wants to keep him today, monitor him and then check back about 3pm. She wants to give more time to see if he continually improves, she may send him home this afternoon for us to keep him contained. She feels it's a combo of some nerve/circulatory damage, that she hopes in a week will be better, but he may always have a little back end issues. We can send for an MRI as well, but i think we'll give it a few days before that.

I am physically sick over this and am asking for prayers. In just 4 days this little guy became such a part of our family. Thank you and I'll try to keep you posted.


  1. we are sending lots of Power of The Paw - sadly this is very very common when using crates - dogs are nothing but cunning about finding some way out of them.

  2. Sending Panzer a lot of powerful POTP and JUJU. This is so unexpected - puppies are so prone to stupid stuff. I am throwing in a lot of GOOD vibes as well.
    Love Noodles

  3. We are also sending lots POTP for Panzer and soothing thoughts to you!!

  4. Prayers, Love and Power of the paw for poor baby Panzer, can't imagine what you are all going through, this is such horrible news to hear! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank XxxxxxxxX

  5. Oh no, we are so sorry, but puppies can get themselves into the strangest difficulties. All the POTP you can want is heading your way from us and lots of crossed paws and prayers. We so hope Panzer will come out of this with no after effects. Please keep us updated on how he is doing.

    Hugs and Woos - Ciara and Lightning and Mom too

  6. We have our paws crossed that Panzer makes a full recovery. Puppies sometimes get themselves into places they shouldn't despite our best efforts to protect them.

  7. Sending good thoughts and prayers!! So sorry you all are going through this.

  8. Oh no, sending prayers for a full recovery. Poor little Panzer

  9. Psst, you may see some increased traffic to this entry, as I posted a link to it on as a cautionary tale (tail?).