Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grumpy McGrumperson

So I've learned something about puppies that I didn't know. Apparently, late at night right before it's time to go to bed, they turn into poop heads. Seriously. Evil, huffing (but cute) demonic poop heads. Don't let the picture above fool you...that's a poophead.

Willow had a fun day yesterday. She did very good on her walk on her leash. I went for support and to be a role model (I know all about modeling) and she plodded along around the block. We played, she rolled in the grass, she's enjoying being a puppy. So you would think at about bedtime she'd be passed out? OH NO! The little poophead was, what mom calls "fighting sleep".

Fighting Sleep involves a lot of laying down, huffing, getting up, licking my face, wandering around, barking at a kitty and repeat...and repeat....and repeat!! Mom says all puppies go through this and become Grumpy McGrumpersons at night. I was like, I wasn't like that! Was I? I'm an ANGEL!

Mom looked at me and said I was a terror! Not only would I get up and bark, I would find something to destroy, or I'd bite her and daddy or whatever I could to NOT go to sleep. I'd also act like I was going to bed, then get up and stay up till midnight or so just fighting sleep.

I totally don't remember this, so I think she's making this up! I don't appreciate this slander! You will be hearing from my lawyer, woman!! I mean, me? A poophead? I think not!

Finally mom got Willow in her crate and after one huff she promptly passed out. Mom says this is one of the parts of puppydom she doesn't miss! Dad just laughs. But all the other goofy antics kinda make it worth it. :)

Willow is also eating pretty good now. The only problem is, she's eating our raw noms. Mom wasn't going to feed her raw noms, cause whoever got her may not be into that, but it's the only thing she'll eat! And she was skinny, and she needs to eat so mom is indulging her, but she's going to try to slowly add her kibble back in. This morning she gave her some ground turkey and put some kibble in it. She ate a bit, then spit the kibble out. Sigh, this little girl may be more diva than I am! Mom even tried some canned puppy food, the little snot turned her nose up at it. I guess the girl knows what she likes! :)

Mom says it's a work in progress and we'll try again tonight when she should be really hungry!

See this? She's provoking me by sticking her tongue out at me! Poophead!

She tries to play with my giant, nasty Jolly Ball!


  1. Oh, yes. Puppies at night are a nightmare. It's all coming back to me now. As far as the food goes, she's right. She needs to lay down the law now and just say, "NO!" to kibble. I don't like my food raw, but I sure don't like it in kibble form either. Grilled, mildly seasoned and topped with a nice alfredo sauce for me please. Feel free to pass that tip on to Willow.

  2. The joys of puppyhood!! How well I remember Holly as I screamed at her biting me, yelled at her ribbing the couch apart and then sat in the floor feeding her one kibble at a time out of my hand because that was the only way she would eat anything!! Anna, don't call your lawyer quite yet...look through your puppy book and I bet you will see pictures of yourself acting like a puppy!!! Willow is cute!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  3. I've never had a puppy, so this "fighting sleep" phenomenon is something I'm not familiar with!

    Pretty funny about her food choices. Maybe a "dog person" who won't get all icked out at the thought of raw will adopt her. I don't feed raw, but I recognize its benefits!

  4. Woof! Woof! "poophead" like that ... Don't you worry it will not last long (I hope). Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Posts like THESE are why Mom says she'll always go with non-puppy khanines -

    She prefers them with the kinks and bugs already worked/ironed out!

    Thanks fur sharing your latest adventures with Poophead!


  6. Oh yes puppies can be a handful. All the antics are so cute and just make you love them all the more..
    We are still waiting for Callie to grow up.. She does go right to sleep now though.. Maybe not a Poophead anymore..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  7. Ha, TD isn't much of a puppy anymore but he gets his second wind after dinner. Mom has a good trick - at bedtime we all get a very tasty biscuit and we don't get it until we are all in our crates. Ciara's crate is locked at night but not ours. But we still have to go inside them to get our treats. It has become such a routine even for the little one that she is now begging to go to bed at 9:00 - that's Mom's bedtime - no kidding, she is an early riser and early to bed gal.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Our hu-dad is nodding. Something about yes, puppies are poop heads. And he is looking at Natasha because the rest of us did not get here until we were at least a year old.

  9. Well, at least she's an adorable poophead...

    Mom adopted my sis when Lexi was 2 years old. I was/am 9 when Mom adopted me. So, Mom's totally missed out on the poophead stage so far. She does call me that sometimes, though...when I dump over the garbage...

  10. Hmmmm...Bilbo is almost 8 and he is still a poophead at night, what;s up with that??

  11. Puppies are puppies.
    They are cute, naughty, sweet, angelic, destructive.
    But you just have to love them for who they are!

  12. Hey Anna, i see you are discovering the joys of Puppyhood.Good going girl.About that kibble feeding problem, I personally think Human food tastes so YUMMY that it is the moral duty of our humans to feed us ONLY from their tables.
    i resolutely refuse to eat my IAMS thingies.

    But Ginger somehow likes it and diligently has her kibble meal, though of course mummy has to sit with her all through her meal!

    anyways, i think you should eat kibble at least every three days,even if you don't like it. that keeps your poop clean and non-messy.

    wags, Buddy

  13. By the way, Anna, can we be friends?
    Mummy just started this blog for us. she says she'll help us write our stories.

    we can tell you a lot about the doggy world as we are years older to you. i am 4and 1/2 years old and Ginger is going to be 4 in July.

    we both think you look very smart!