Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm a Graduate!!!

Hey all!! I'm baaaaack! Mom, for the most part has the teknical diffikulties figured out.

Everything's been going well. Two major things have happened since I last blogged:

1. The bathroom is finished! I'll do another blog with more pics later.

2. I GRADUATED obedience school! I'm not a puppyschool dropout!!

Thursday night was our exam. It was a dark and stormy night. Dad went with us, but had to leave the room. I was so focused on watching dad that I didn't focus on the task at hand.

We did the exam and I did my heeling perfectly, did my sit/stay/recall, broke my sit stay with like 10 seconds left and did my down stay the whole time. I still wouldn't let Dr. Vet do the whole sit for an exam by a stranger doesn't understand this, since I'll let her and anyone else touch me OUTSIDE the ring, but not inside it. Dr. Vet calls is "ring anxiety"

Anyway, mom thought we didn't pass, but Dr. Vet came and told us we all passed! Out of 12, only four of us made it all the way through and we passed! Chewy too!! Mom even submitted my graduation info for her work newsletter which highlights all the peoples' kids who graduate from high school and kindergarten. My entry reads:

Annabelle (Anna), furkid of Tiffany, graduated Basic Obedience from MADOC. She plans to re-enroll in the fall for Novice I.

So now I'm on summer break until August. Mom goes and gets my diploma next week, as well as my perfect attendence award. This of course means we'll need a photoshoot of me and my graduation paper!

Anyway, I'm off to go read everyone else's blogs...I have a lot of catching up to do!!!


  1. Yay! Congrats!! Tell your mom to email me more about the OB school, classes, etc. Little Miss Z could use some schoolin' too!

  2. Anna,

    Welcome back! Do not forget about your blogging reward I told you about Thursday night! Yeah my momma will be there Thursday to pick up my certificate and enroll me in the Novice class for next fall. Congratulations on your award!

    Paws and Licks

  3. Oh, congratulations on being an educated canine. It sounds like you did fantastically well. I don't blame for not wanting anyone to be poking at you in the ring. It's not the right venue for that kind of thing. I guess the sky's the limit now and next thing you know you'll be getting a PhD. Glad you're back, too.

    wags, Lola

  4. Yaayayay!!! Congratulations. Can't wait to hear about your learning Novice Obedience next. Does Mom plan to compete with you?

  5. Khongrats!

    We saw your news on Chewy's blog - and pawed a khongrats to woo there too JUST IN KHASE woo weren't 'bakhk' soon!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  6. Congratulations - excellent work!

  7. Welcome back..we missed you!!! Congratulations of graduating and getting your diploma...that is just so great!!! We can't wait to see pictures!!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  8. Congrats Anna!! Chewy told us you both graduated....we are so very proud of both of you!!!!

    Smileys and Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  9. Congratulations Anna!! Good job and we're so proud of you too. Can't wait to see more pictures ;)

  10. Congrats, Anna! Well done! And you'll have even more fun in your next class come fall. And we must say we love the entry in your Mom's work newsletter. Finally something interesting and not only the human kid stuff, right? ;)


  11. Congratulations, Anna! That's pawesome news! We are happy to hear that all is well with you and your pawrents. Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

    -Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & the Piappies

  12. WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO! You go gurl! You done us shepherds prowd with your graduashuns. And we hope to be ekwally impressed with your bafroom.

  13. Congratulations, Anna - we knew you would do it. Great job!!! We have missed you and thanks for stopping by our blog.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  14. Oh Anna, we are so proud of you!!!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  15. Way to go Anna! You did a great job and we knew you could do it!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  16. Well done Anna ! We are so proud of you.. Did I ever tell you I dropped out from agility school.. Will share some pics with you another time..

    Again.. Great job and we look forward to more grad pics from you soon!

    BTW, we have a little award for you .. so drop by at our site to collect it ok..

    licks licks

  17. Hello Ana,
    CONGRATULATIONS!we are so proud of you.we are also very glad that you are back.eagerly waiting for that special picture of yours with your certificate,
    wags, Bud n Gin

  18. Congratulations on a pawsome graduation, Anna! We knew you could do it!! Have a fun summer break now.

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  19. Congrats on your PAWsome accomplishment!

  20. Congrats on your graduation! Now you're a big dog and you have to follow ALLL the rules ;)

  21. Yeah! Congrats on passing that tricky exam. And you even get a diploma, huh? Very cool!

    Looooove the fact that it's in your mom's work newspaper, too!