Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anna 1, Bumble 0

The weather here has been spectacular lately...spring came early, leaves and flowers are in bloom, squirrels are out for me to's wonderful! But then, there's a secret, hidden enemy that must be stopped.

With my super super super even more important role of protektor of the house and the invisible people puppy, I can't let me guard down for a minute. And yesterday, I had to go on the attack...of course, mom was at work so it was just me and dad, so there are no photos, but I've done my artist redentioning of the events...cause dad's version of the story sucked anyway.

Dad was chilling, doing some work on the invisible people puppy room, so I was, of course, supervising. On one of his many trips inside and then out, he left me inside....and thank god he did. We had an INTRUDER! As I stood at the back door thinking "How dare he leave me inside...what was he thinking....wait, what's that...."

I heard a loud buzzing sound, and there it was....a bumble.

Most people think bumbles are cute and harmless, but they're not. They're killers as far as I'm concerned, and should not be in my house...

I knew I had to act fast...Duncan was oblivious, the kitties were out sunning in windows, it was just me and the Bumble....Mano e Mano!

Utilizing generations of german killing/wolf instinct I pounced...not thinking of was a bloodbath...I was reveling in my kill and then dad walked in...

His side of the story is less dramatic, he told mom he just found a half nommed bumble on the floor and he took it away. What does he know?!?! Was he THERE?!?! It was a fight to the death I tell you!!! called me her little least SHE knows the value of all my hard protektion work!!!


  1. Those bumbles ARE evil!!!! You're little invisible is so that they'll be born into a family with YOU!

  2. *your, not you're... jeepers, my brain is on fart mode.

  3. OMD AND I forgot the word lucky. Go figure, this is the first bloggie I commented on today, maybe I should just call it a day and go back to snoozin'... sorry for the 3 comments, hehe
    -Corbin, again, for the third time.

  4. Woo be careful mate, my little brofur ate one of those and his face swelled up like a football!


  5. Oh Anna, you is such a HERO! Cannot tell you how many times I has tried to nom a bumble and I so could, you know. But then I hear LEAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T YOU KNOW YOU CAN GET STUNG IN THE MOUTH AND blah, blah, blah, blah.... BTW, LOVE your artist rendition. So vivid and lifelike. I feel like I woz there in the fur.

  6. Funny thing, Anna - while we were sitting with Mom on our deck reading your post, guess what flew by - yeppers, a big fat bumblebee. We tried to get it but we weren't as successful as you. Just be careful, we hear bees love dog snooters - ouchie!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. I am SOOOOOO PROUD of your FEARLESS Protection of your peeps and the castle. THAT was really REALLY scary fur sure. What a BRAVE girrrrl you are.

  8. No bumble bees , please! They are quite nasty and you gotta be careful, Anna!

  9. Hey Ana!
    Wow, great job protecting the pack from that evil critter! They are terrors fur sure. Your drawings are perfect and at least we know what great work you did. Your dad's probably just upset he wasn't needed to help! BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  10. Way to go protecting the family, Anna! I am sure that it could have turned into a full-fledged bumble invasion if you hadn't been on the scene. That half carcass was a good idea, too. The rest of his bumble friends will be on the lookout now and stay away from your house!


    P.S. Kuster says he likes older women. He was flirting with a nine month old Standard Poodle last week in class. I will warn you, though, he's incorrigible and females can't seem to resist him besides the ones who live at our house!

  11. Go, Anna! Bumbles are evil, horrid things. Reyna does her best to keep us safe from them, but I do worry about her (she's allergic to most everything in the world, you know). Keep up the good work!

  12. OMD Anna, I is going to be FURRY FURRY close to NC from May 12 - May 16. In fact, and this be a fact, one of the hikes I is dragging mom to is at Hanging Rock State Park in NC. You thinking wot I is thinking? (We alreddy know great shepherd minds think alike...)