Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big Sister Checking In!!

Do you remember me? When I dissappeared I was just Anna the Diva...now I'm Anna the Diva BIG SISTER!! Yes, the Invisible People Puppy arrived, so now it's not Invisible anymore, it's my little Bald Puppy!

Bald Puppy was born on Sept. 4. Mom and dad left on the 3rd (Labor Day..ha ha) to go to the people Dr. Vet hospital to be "en-dew-ced". Things went well, then the Bald Puppy got hard headed so they had to take mom into surgery!! Good thing too, cause the Bald Puppy was not only stubborn, but had his cord around his neck! Wow! But he's okay, mom's okay, and they came home that Friday and man, it's been game on since!

I was in Anna-sniffer overdrive since they brought him home. It took Dunc three days to even notice there was something else in the house, and since Bald Puppy doesn't give out any noms, Dunc pretty much ignores him, as do the kitties, so it's all up to me to take care of him. Thanks slacker family...

Anyhoo, I used to get really worked up when he cried, but now I'm good. He doesn't cry much, only two times at night to get his nom on, I get up with mom and keep her company. I guess that's the perk of Dunc being deaf, he sleeps through everything. :)

Here he is in his swing...see my tactic? I start off slow...a lick on the foot here....

Then BAM!! KISSES!!!!!!

Later, mom introduced him to "tummy time" which means "on the floor close to Anna time".

One day, he'll be mobile and mom said I can chase and herd him! Whoo hoo! Come on Bald Puppy, get a move on!

Till then, we just nap together and hang out...

I take my role of Bald Puppy Protektor very seriously! It's a full time job, but I'm up to it! Hope you are all well, I'll try to post more often, we're trying to get into a routine as mom's gone back to work..BOOO!!!!


  1. He'll look much better khovered in beaWOOtiful BSA furs!

    Just sayin'


    Sorry he had a wee bit of a skhary entrance but I khan see woo've got him under khontrol now!


  2. That bald puppy is very cute. One day he will be hairy
    Benny & Lily

  3. Aww! That bald puppy is awful cute! I can see why you take that job of protecting him pretty seriously. Morgan would never sleep if she had that job.

    Kuster said you look dreamy in those pictures, but he just turned a year old last week, so don't let all his smooth talk fool you!


  4. Wow - congrats on being a big sister! The bald puppy is such a cutie. Looks like you are the best big sister ever!

    - Starbuck, Nari and Alpha

  5. Your bald puppy is so adorable! Congrats to you and your family!

  6. Oh these are just the sweetest pictures I've ever seen! Anna, you are going to be an amazing big sister to Bald Puppy!

  7. Way to go Anna Banana - what a cute Bald Puppy you have got yourself there. We know you look after it so well and teach it all the things it needs to know

  8. ANNA your Bald Puppy is just ADORABLE. He is very much lucky to have you there to watch over him. I love how content he looks.. Sleeping with YOU. SIGH THAT is really special.

  9. I saw that Bald Puppy when he was invisibull! I was thinking about the Bald (formerly invisibull) Puppy and wonnering if'n he commed out yet. Oh and I hear (I do not know this firstpaw) that when they get older and try to gib themselves noms, the dogs get LOTS of noms cuz the Bald Puppy will have no eye/paw coordination and drop his noms all ofur the place. I is sure Duncan be resting up fur when that happens.

  10. Oh Anna, what a beautiful baby brother you have! He is still little enough that we can call him beautiful. Just wait - you two are going to have a blast.

    Congrats to the very proud Mom and Dad.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. What a beautiful baby brother. I can see that you will be so much help in nap time and general protection.


    Loveys Sasha

  12. Adorable pix. Congratulations. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. Oh Anna!!! The pictures of you and your bald puppy are melting my heart!! You are doing a marvelous job of course!! McIver would find this nurturing side of you very appealing, I am quite certain. Lucky for you that puppy is so beautiful! Some puppies look funny after they are born! LOL

    Mamma Heartbeat