Thursday, February 12, 2015

Preparing Our Teefers for Love

Yay! January is over, and now it's February, the month of looooooove. And you can't have loooooove with nasty, stinky teefers (YUCK!). So February is also critter dental awareness month. It's also a new month so we gets a new item to try out for the peoples at They gave us a bunch of dental related stuffs (so we can get our smooches on) so I was ready to see what we had.

Oh, it does be the Blue Buffalo Dental the Large size! The good thing is, these do come in different sizes, from teeny tiny to big biggie for all sizes of puppers.

They is made here in the USofA, has good natural ingredients and has some added stuff for joints and bones, which is a big deal in our house with the "older" pet population...which is passed out behind me.

It's a good size for a bigger girl like me!

Speaking of the "older" pet population, we had the opportunity to try the "can it wake up the old fart from dead asleep" test.

And it did!!!!

Mom had to break it to Winston that these was not for kitties. HA HA kitty!!!

As you can see, we both nommed them down. They is good in that they do take a little time to chew, and also good that they're not TOO HARD to chew for certain "older" people in the house, who has a harder time putting the bitey on hard things. And there are several in the bag, so we've got to enjoy these for several days.

We give this a four out of four paws. It was good, filling and kept us busy for a little bit, so we wasn't scarfing it down then staring at the mom with the "Next?" look on our faces.

We does not receive green papers for this review. We is part of a pet-blogger program from Chewy and our review is totally our honest opinions.


  1. We didn't know about dental awareness month, but chewy dental treats sound pretty good! Play bows,


  2. We know it was dental awareness week so we say more dental chews mum. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. OMD Anna... you two REALLY did prove that these BLUE CHEWS are grrrrrreat... Don't cha just LOVE fur letting us get the word out about Super stuffs...

  4. we are happy to see you enjoying them and we liked seeing Duncan enjoy it too

  5. Aren't these just DELISH!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo