Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Trail Day

The weather here is getting cooler, which is a good thing! Sad thing is, normally we do be in the North Carrylina mountains this time of year, but we can't go because dad has gone back to school. Mom says this will be a good thing, so right now we just have to wait it out.

Anyhoo, it was a rough week, what with my Big Bro Duncan going over the bridge. So mom said on Saturday morning: "Okay everfurybody, we is getting out! In the car!"

So me, dad and the BP loaded up and mom did take us to our best kept secret, Swayback trail. We hazn't been there in forevers, so it was great to sniff around.

And the BP and I are off!! FREEDOM!!

Why is you and dad sooooo slow?!?!
It had rained the night before, so dad was worried it might be muddy, but all we saw was a nice cool trail....then we came upon...

Oh, what wonders are this!?!? MUD! Glorious MUD!!

Just what the paws need, a deep mud treatment....
Mom and dad immediately grabbed the BP and were like NO!! So dad did carry him over. Poor BP, he gets no fun!

Dad does look like he is about to drop him, but he didn't. The BP remained mud free.

It was great to get out. The overcast, coolness made it feel like the mountains even though it wasn't.

We did find a bridge in all the leafs.
These are actually bike trails that people do ride their peddle bikes on. But it's a great place for some off leash dog walking/hiking. Not many peoples know about it, but that's the best part! The BP even got some agility in on one of the bike ramp thingys.

Not bad form BP! Maybe you do an agility Bald Puppy?

Most of the time we saw nobody. We saw one other couple and their off leash dogs (who knew trail eddy-cut and stayed in their space and me in mines) and a family that rode their bikes through.

Trail eddy-cut says we get out of the way of the bikes.

It was a good to get out. We needed it. Mom said I needed to get out, the BP needed to get out, we all did. And I do agree. There's nothing like spending time walking 3 miles on the trail with your favorite peeps to make everything seem betters!

Me and my Mom boo! 


  1. a good walk does the heart wonders and you look like you had lots of fun

  2. That looks like a great place for a peaceful hike. We are wondering how you managed to stay so clean with all that mud, Anna????

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. What a wonderful family day, Anna! Sounds like it was just what you all needed!