Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm Lashing Out

Yo yo yo!! Anna-Dawg here! I think I've learned how to keep mom at the crib, yo! I was chillaxin, watching some daytime TV and saw how some of these human kids got attention from their parents--by going thug gangsta!

So I busted up in mom's face with my gangsta, street cred hat and was like "Woman! You need to step up, for reelz!"

And she just laughed at me, took my gangsta, street cred hat, said I was cute and left for work.

Doo wha?!?! Woman, I'm not kidding! I'm FO REAL!

Well, maybe I need a gang to be gangsta? I might be able to recruit Duncan, he'll do anything for noms. And Simon, well, he IS the original gangsta...

I'll ponder this while mom is out of town AGAIN!! See you all next week!!

Peace out!!


  1. Anna Banana - you are just too sweet to be a ganster and you know it!!!

  2. Anna, sorry... We have to agree with Reilly here. Sorry your mom's leavin' you AGAIN, tho...

    Sending Rottie Kisses ~

  3. Hm... gangsta? You? Maybe you should have put your glasses on WITH the hat... that would have shown her!

  4. I have a hard time thinkin of you as a gangsta. I'm thinkin you are gonna have to try another tactic. Like being all sad and pathetic and stuffs like that.

    SOOOO sorry you mom is runnin' away.. AGAIN.
    I'm thinkin that you need to put her on a Walkin String.. or maybe get one of those FENCE thingys. See you next week!!!!!

  5. Anna, no way can you be a gangsta. Maybe you need to find another way to keep the Mom home. Hope you can get back here soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Anna, you are so sweet!! You look very cute dressed as a gangsta but we know you aren't one!! We hope your mom has a good trip and comes home soon! Lots of love, Holly & Mom

  7. You need to gather up that crazy attack chickun from your vakashun last year and that crazy attack bunny from Collar-Ahh-Doh, then you has youself a fur real gangsta gang! Your gangsta rap tune could be like "Ole McAnna had a gang, eeee aiiii eeeee aiii ohhhhh"

  8. Aww, Anna! I hate it when you get no respect!


  9. Hey Anna!
    Wow, maybe try bringing in the reinforcements. There's strength in numbers.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  10. Anna, you look like no gangsta to me...

  11. BAH!! Too funny - er, tough. I meant tough. Please don't ever scare mom like that **giggle**

  12. Anna, you are too sweet and don't look near tough enough. Maybe some dark glasses would have hid your beautiful eyes...

  13. Anna - We hate to tell you, but you look even MORE adorable in that hat! You're just too beautiful to be gansta tough. We're not sure how to keep your Mom close to home more - maybe you should crate her!

    The Road Dogs

  14. Hi Anna!

    I know how you feel.. If I can, I too want to use glue to stick mommy next to me so she wont leave us alone at home.

    On other note,
    We are finally back on track!! Sorry for not dropping by so often but we're back on blog again.
    Be sure to check us out :)

    Autumn and Jasmine

  15. Hi Anna!!

    Has that gangsta thang worked yet?

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  16. Dropping off some woofs & hugs!

    Thinking of you! :)


  17. You have a couple of awards waiting for you on our Monday morning blog!

    I hope everything's ok - miss you!