Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mom's Collar-ado Piks

I'm back! Yay! Mom made it back from Collar-ado. It seemed like FOREVER! She had fun but was glad to be home, she missed us tons, oh, and dad too! She even brought us all back presents, but first, here's some of her photos:

After her conference in Denver, she and Aunt Temple headed to Estes Park, outside the Rocky Mountain Park. It was soooo pretty, and warm, and then....

BAM!! Snow!! It was crazee! While dad and Duncan and I were sweating our butts off in 90 degrees, mom and Aunt T had a winter wonderland!!

This is at Bear Lake...somewhere, under that snow is water....

How much snow you ask? Well take this example, mom and Aunt T were walking ABOVE the trail marker signs, they had to be dug out so they knew where they were! That's like 5 feets of snows!

But even with the snows they found wildlife, they found this bunny. Apparently, the snow makes the bunnies crazy, cause while all the park signs say DO NOT APPROACH WILDLIFE the wildlife must not do the same, cause this bunny charged Aunt Temple...Frankie Furter is right, bunnies are the devil!

They finally found some lowland areas that weren't up to their butts in snow. That's mom looking like a frozen hermit in the corner.

After all the hiking, mom and Aunt T went to stay at the Stanley Hotel, where some dude wrote some Shining book. It snowed all night there too! It is pretty though, and dog friendly which allowed mom to see puppens and miss me!

Check out that stairwell....I'd so want to slide down the banisters!

This is the part mom stayed in. No ghosts though. I think they were scared I'd come put the bitey on them if they messed with the mom.

Mom said this is the hallway that inspired the creepy scene in the movie...

When they awoke on Sunday to come home, this was their view. I know a few husky-roos who'd have a BLAST there!!!

When mom got out my present, I thought she was being mean! I can't has chocolate!

Oh, but no, I was wrong, this was a doggie friendly chocolate NOM!!! Oh, Duncan and I NOMMED out hearts out!! It was glorious!!!

So, we're here for now. Mom leaves Sunday for a beach conference! Gah woman! If we missed your blogs we apologize, we're going to try to make the rounds today!! Chocolately kisses!


  1. What great pics and what great NOMS - I an drooling on the keyboard just looking at it and Mom hates it when I do that!

  2. We loved looking at all the photo's, we never see snow like that here. Glad you have your Mom back and that she bought you such a great present back! Make sure she does the same this weekend ;-) Dex & Lou x

  3. Colorado is such an incredible place to visit - so beautiful no matter what the season. And yes, Anna, you know us well - we would so love to have been there in all that snow. No amount would be too much (or so we think). Luscious-looking nommies there - enjoy.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Snow? Attack bunny? You sure your mom woz in Collar ah doh, You Ess of Aye? Holy smokes! Quick, afore your mom leaves again, make her up a sign wot say: DO NOT APPROACH HOOMANS. Ya just nefur know....

  5. Nice pictures! My mom lived in Collar-ado for awhile and loved it. Great place for the furry type dawgs like huskeys and Marley! Not me though. I enjoy a little snow but 5'! I'm only 8" tall!!


  6. Pee Ess - I wish I could make that attack bunny picture big! I sure would like to see him close up. Good lookin bunny!

  7. Aiiiiiieeeeee that bunny attacked your Aunt Temple??? Did she SCREAM LIKE A GIRRRRRL the way I did??? Oh I Feel Her Pain and Shame. Rabbits are EVIL !!!

    Butt the rest of this stuffs was all GRRRREAT. I love the look of that dipped milkbone.

    I am soooooooo glad you are back.. Oh yea I'm glad your mom is back too.

  8. Hey Anna!
    Wow, I'm so glad you're back with us. Cool pix of your mom's trip! Boy that's a ton of snow. My mom's going all crazies now 'cause she loves that guy's creepy books! She knows about that hotel and says your mom's really brave to have stayed there! Glad you got some yummy treats!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  9. What beautiful pictures!! We have never been to Collar-ado but would love to go!! We have a friend that lives there and she loves it very much! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  10. Yikes! I do not want to think about more snow right now! I've watched that scary movie and your mom is pretty brave to stay there. I'd avoid saying "redrum" around her for a while, just to be sure!


  11. Anna!! Nice to see you again :-) When your page loads on our computer, the first thing we see is the very tips of your ears!! They are so cute and look so soft. Mom loves ears. Weirdo.

    Rottie Kisses!

  12. Wow!!! Your mom had a great time and those pictures are so beautiful.

    Chocolate noms?! How wonderful!!! I'm so so jealous now. What a lucky girl you are, Anna!

  13. Great pictures & that hotel corridor DOES look kinda eerie.

  14. wooo Anna!! Love the pics~we've never heard of doggie furiendly chocolate but we think #1 needs to look into that! Play bows,


  15. So good to see you again! Colorado looks gorgeous! We'd like to make it out there at some point. I have to say though, that Stanley Hotel scares the bajeezus out of me (even that hallway pic) but now knowing about the bunnies? No Way!

  16. Anna - Our peeps want your Mom's job! She gets to go to some great places! They love the mountains and the beach. That hotel is awesome. Dad loves that movie, Mom is kinda scared of it so she probably wouldn't have stayed there. But it's still cool!

    So weird that they have 5 feet of snow and we're panting like crazy here in SC! Maybe we need to go to CO for the summer!

    The Road Dogs