Friday, August 26, 2011

I Iz Alive

Yeah, that artsy photo thing is all mom has of me. Cause you know why? We ain't done SQUAT in forever!! It's been soooo bloody hot that no body wants to do nothin! I've got a few walks here and there, at night, when it gets below 95 degrees. Sigh.

Luckily we do have some funs coming up!! Next week starts DUN DA DA DUN! College Football!! Which means our National Championship Auburn Tigers start play! Which means I have to get out my lucky Auburn collar! Time to hoop and holler with the parents! We're not sure how our Tigers are going to do this year, but we don't care. We just want to watch the footballs!

Also, in 33 days (who's counting??) we head up to North Carrylina for vacayshun! It's like in the 70s there now....with now humidities. We can't wait. Mom has already scoped out some new trails for us this year along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and guess what?? I may get to expand my states visited to Furrginia!!! I'm very excited about this!

A few of the trails mom wants to hit are:

Tanawah Trail

Beacon Hights (not Bacon like I thought it was last year!)

Roaring Fork Falls (I wonder if they has a spoon?)

Mount Mitchell

Crabtree Falls

Boone Fork Trail

and the Cumberland Knob Trail whic will put us on the Furrginia State line!

Mom says that after a few days of these trails, her and dad are going to leave us tired sleepy pups at the cabin and they're going to the Biltmore in Asheville for a day. I think I might need that rest!

To all my friends near Evil Irene, please stay safe! My paws are crossed for you and your peoples!!!


  1. We are Happee that football is coming too! It's hotter here today then it's been all summer! Yuk
    Benny & Loly

  2. Our football season has started in the UK (But it's a different sort of football, I know. You call ours soccer don't you?)

    The Lady Of The House and The Girl Of The House have been shouting for their team, Leeds United, very loudly when they have been on TV a couple of times already.

    It's chucking it down with rain here.

    Like you we are worried for people in the path of the hurricane.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  3. We're with you Winnie - REAL football is the game of choice in our house! The pooches have to bark for Sunderland or Barcelona depending on which parent they're watching with. But we have to watch it at funny times of day cos of the time zone difference.

  4. Things have been about the same here...too hot and humid to do much at all. Going on the Parkway sounds great. You have picked some great spots for hikes! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  5. Welcome Back Anna....Vacation time is getting closer and closer!!


    Dory, Jakey and Bilbo!!

  6. Anna - NC is an excellent choice! We've been hanging up there in the Smoky Mtns on and off and it's MUCH cooler than Coastal SC, which is probably kinda like AL! Hope you have lots of fun!

    The Road Dogs

  7. Glad to hear from you again! Doing squat is a trend here, too. But they say we will drop into the 90's in another week or so...

  8. Oh, Anna, when you is close to Furginia, if'n you is close enuff to Grayson Highlands State Park you just has to go there and hike on the Appalachian Trail to see the wild ponies. The ponies ♥ dogs! Rememmer last year when me and a wild pony woz smooching? Stay anudder day if'n you has to. But even if'n you dussn't, I is still looking forward to hearing all about your vakayshun!

  9. I was wondering where you got to anna banana - hopefully soon it will be begin to cool down - I hear you on that one - feels like we have been stuck inside since winter !

  10. Oh yes, you're going to love it - it's actually been CHILLY in the morning here (upper 50s), so bring a jacket! The Tanawha trail is awesome, very interesting, very unique! Many of the trails around Mt. Mitchell are currently closed due to bear activity. However, the trail from the Mt. Mitchell parking lot over to Mt. Craig is open, or was a couple weeks ago. That's short (about a mile out and a mile back), but challenging as you scramble up and down steep areas and rock formations - with a beautiful view once you get over to Mt. Craig. Then, afterward, if there's a shady spot for Mom to park you (I'm sure it will be plenty cool enough), Mom and Dad can eat in the little restaurant at the park. It's fun, especially when they bring leftovers back out to the car in a styrofoam container.

  11. Oh, and Lady, Lucky, and Katie want me to let you know that the Biltmore has lots of trails that allow dogs too. :)

  12. Regarding your comment on my blog - Chimney Rock is a GREAT idea!! You do have to pay an entrance fee there, but the trails are sooo beautiful. I should add a disclaimer though - when I went there, the furry kids did not go with me. So I can't remember how doggie-accessible the trails are. There's a great book...although as much as you guys hike, you may already have it - Best Hikes with Dogs North Carolina by Karen Chavez. Highly recommended if you don't already have it. (Amazon could probably get it to you in two days!)

    I wonder if ya'll have friends/family in western NC. If not, and if you need any specific advice as your trip gets closer (like "what's the weather?" or "where's the best place to park for yadda yadda") - feel free to email me I'd be happy to be your email tour guide. :)