Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MSK Zombie Addition

As I mentioned yesterday, in mom's total lack in regard to her own health (umm helloooo, we can't feed ourselves you know!), we now have a zombie like situation on our hands. So we've added Zombie Procedures to the MSK (mom sick kit).

Yesterday, mom came dragging in, after getting no sleep the night before. She kinda just laid on the couch...I'd sniff her to make sure she was still breathing or to check on the occasional cough. She made it till about 7:30, fed us our dinner, took a bath and passed out.

It was waaaay early. But I humored her and laid in bed with her until she fell asleep, then went to chew my bone. Plus Simon and Alley stayed in there and slept on her and Dunc was on his bed on the floor so I knew she was in good paws.

This morning she awoke making odd snotty-like-coughing noises and she kinda just wandered around at super slow zombie speed. I was so glad when dad got home early! Finally, someone to play with, and help me watch zombie mom. As zombie mom got ready for work, she almost walked out with no shoes on her feets!

Dad: Honey, do you need shoes

Zombie Mom: oh crap...

Dad: are you okay to drive?

ZM: Well yes!

Dad: Why don't you stay home?

ZM: I have STUFF to do at work! And I'm FINE (uh oh), I just can't get this stuff out of my head!

Dad: Okay...I'll um try to get you some more drugs from work today. Love you!

Smart dad, he realized the use of the word "FINE" and backed off. It seems realizing when to pick your zombie battles is key in survival. I hope dad gets some mom some good anti-zombie drugs today at the human Dr. Vet office. At least dad will be home tonight!

Oh, and for your peoples that have the same reaction to the Syrup medicine, it used to make mom pass out stone cold, but now it doesn't work. So no more of that EVER!! Per Nurse Anna's orders!!


  1. I'm thinkin your dad is one smart cookie...

  2. Poor Mom,sleep would probably help a lot. Hope she can get lots of rest over the holiday weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. We sure hope your mom gets better really soon! It's hard to do things when you feel horrible and especially when you get no sleep on top of it. Feel better soon!!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  4. My mom had those zombie cooties once and she went to werk too. I dussn't unnerstand hoomans. Go get in your hidey spot and nap it off!

  5. this Zombie stuff kinda scares the begeesus out of me....just try and catch me!!!

  6. Thank goodness you found something in that box to help her
    Benny & Lily

  7. Your dad sounds like a wise man! My mom is sick right now, too, and it's not easy taking care of them. I feel your pain! Mom can't take any of those medicines if she wants to function as a human being at all.

    Yep! There's a GSD puppy coming to our house. Dad wants to do SAR, and Morgan wants to be Mom's and my bodyguard, so Dad has to find a canine partner. There's a breeder we're going to visit in Wisconsin in a couple of weekends, and I think we get to meet the parents of the puppies that are due in October. I just hope the puppy keeps Morgan busy! She needs a hobby!


  8. MAN......yur Daddy is WAY smart!!

    Hope your Mama gets better way soon it is yucky yo have to work when you are feeling icky!

    Dory, Jakey and Bilbo