Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Anna vs. Two Cousins

Hey all! Thanks for the support of the new people puppy! Mom said I have a while to figure this thing out, but she knows I'll be a natural! Mom's also sick of people asking her "Well, when IT gets here, what are you going to do with Anna?"

What do you mean "do with Anna?" Mom gets mad when people think just because there's a new people puppy you have to treat your other critters differently. Mom said she fully wants me involved with the new people puppy. So PPPFFFT! to any non-Anna supporters (not you guys of course!!)

In other news, I    AM    HAVING     A    BLAST with my TWO cousins! Tell you what, that little Dixie is a spitfire!! I have to be careful not to squish her, but she's pretty hardcore!

I like to CHASE her!! Run puppeh!!!!

Check out that little floofy puppy butt! She's after Rebel...thinking she's all big and bad...then...

RUN AWAY!!! Here I come!! Muwhahahahahahaha!!

She likes to play with us big dogs....

But then tries to "hide" under Rebel...I'm not buying it...pffft!

But then she gives me puppeh kisses and I fall under the puppeh spell! It's going to be such an awesome week!!!!


  1. Anna, you're a natural!!

    -Ruby and Bart

  2. I think you will be a SUPER BIG SISTER fur the two legger baby.

  3. When mom had a peeple puppeh (aka, the boy) a long, long, long, long, long, long time ago, there woz a dog and two kittehs in the house and they woz fine with the boy and there woz always dogs and kittehs around when he woz growing up. He still be alive and all in one piece so there be your proof. In fact, the boy always complaned that mom treated him like one of the dogs. Mom would say "Kids, dogs, same rules apply." The non-Anna suppawters dussn't know wot they is yakking about.

  4. Woooohooo fun zoomies, you have a lot to teach the little one and you are the one to do it. Run and run and run.

    licks and sniffs Sasha

  5. It looks like you sure are having fun with the cousins. That puppy sure is a cutie. Not that you aren't Anna, but you know how those puppies make us humans go squeeeee!


  6. floofy puppy butts are so cute - what fun playing chase!

  7. Mom says that Morgan is a total natural with human puppies, and Kuster is pretty good, too, for a little dude who doesn't know his own strength sometimes. We think Shepherds are pretty natural with human puppies. One thing is for sure, nobody will get to The Pup on your watch!

    Dixie is a riot! I can see why you're having such a great time with her. I have fun chasing Kus, too!


  8. Anna, your two cousins are so pretty and that little puppy is definitely a cutie.

    I think you will be the best sister for the people puppy! You're a natural!

  9. I bet you'll be fine with the new people puppy. Mom will have everything covered. Those people who are suggesting otherwise just don't know what they're talkin' about!

  10. Now that you're pregnant, you can kick people in the teeth when they ask stupid questions - tell 'em it's the hormones ;)
    And that is quite the floofy puppy butt indeed - thanks for the awesome romping pics!