Monday, June 23, 2014

Castaway Returns?

So, umm, yeah. You know that movie where that mailman gets on the big flying car/plane thing, then it goes all BOOM! in the water and he is left on an island and all he haz to keep him company is a ball named Wilson and he's gone for like FOREVER but he decides to chance it, meets a whale and makes it home and everybody is happy ever after?

Well, my long absence is just like that, minus the plane, and the island and the whale. But I'm pretty sure there was a ball involved...

I'm back. Don't ask why I hasn't been around. I honestly couldn't tell you, I was stuck on an island, remember? Let's go with that. A lot has happened in the last (gasp) almost two years, so I'll give you a top three run down. If any of my friends is still out there, know that I have kept up with you, but I didn't have a keyboard on the island. I've seen some friends we've lost and we has been sending hugs and prayers to their families.

1. Bald puppy is a much larger bald puppy..with a little less baldness.

But he and I are still BFF! FOREVER! We has all kinds of shenanigans we get into!! And he can kinda talk, which makes it interesting to say the least.

2. Duncan turned 16 this year!!!

My doggie mind cannot even comprehend how old this is in people a gabillion!?!? We've had a few health scares (that turned out to not be too scary) in the last year, and I'm sure I'll talk about that laters. 

3. We lost Simon.

This was a hard one. Especially for mom. Six months after we lost Alley Cat over the Bridge, Simon got very very very sick. Mom and dad let us say our goodbyes, and took Simon to Dr. Vet where mom held him as she said goodbye too. It's been about a year now since Simon left and mom still gets all watery-eyed over it if she thinks about it. Simon was her Boo. She had him longer than Dad! 

Dr. Vet thinks it was the evil Big C in the end. But we knows he's with Alley now, so all is good!

And there's been  all kinds of other stuffs. Like, we all went to North Carrylina for our annual family vacation last year! And we're going again this year! And dad is back in school, and mom started a side business for fun and we got a new family member (there's a hint to that in this post! Muwhahahaha) and so much more! Whew, maybe that's why I've been lazy and not posting err...been trapped on a desert island! 

Anyhoo, I is back. So if you remembers me, say hey! If you don't....say hey anyway. I'm cool, I promise!! :)


  1. OMD OMD ANNA.... we are SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see YOU and the BIG Bald Puppy... WOW WHAT has he been Eating??? He has REALLY GROWN... and is SOOOOO cute.
    Sorry about the sad loss of your Kitties... we know they are together... running free in fields of CATNIP...
    ANNA ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNA it is SO good to see and hear from you.

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO! You writed on my bloggie you would be back but I thought it be a big JOKE but it was not! OMD, that not-so-bald puppy be a GIANT now. I see you beens taking good care of him. So sorry about your kittehs. We is down two kittehs, too. We only has one now. So the udder four (your 2 + my 2 - I can count that on 1 paw) is up there hasing fun kitteh times fur sure. And that Duncan, wowser, he be an older geezer than me and Sydney. Hint, what hint? I must go snooter around some more and see if'n I can find it. I might not hear so good any more but nutting wrong with my snooter, BOL! Welcome baaaaaaaaack!

  3. Hi Anna, We never met you before because we were just born since your last post. Our mom is a fan of your blog so she is happy to see you back.

  4. It's SO good to hear from you! I've been wondering what you were up to!

    Lilac lived to be an old geezer like Duncan! I'm glad he's still with you. Here's hoping that he'll be around for a lot longer.

    I'm very sorry to hear about Simon. We are also anxiously awaiting more news from you!


    P.S. K├╝ster is not so little now and he says you are the hotness! *sigh* I'm just typing what he said.

  5. Anna Banana - my goodness it has been sooooo long. The bald shrunken human has grown so much - you are obviously taking the big sister role to heart. So sad to lose both kitties but knowing they had the best life possible and were loved is what comforts us each day :)

  6. POOPY KHURSE ON BLOGGER - it ate my post...let's try and rekhreate what I khan....

    Welkhome bakhk - and fur khatching us up on All Things Anna!

    We've been thrilled to see your khomments - and Mom and I kept trying to get here to khomment - her 87 hours a week at The GKP - I mean 87 hours Wednesday thru Saturday keep us from visiting much -

    From time to time, we've khonsidered not posting as often AND spending THAT time visiting but we decided our posts would end up WAY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG if we did that - SO we apologize - we do visit who we khan on FB - that is khool too fur Mom khan usually see that from her khrakhkerberry when she's at work -

    I khan't wait to see more !