Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Everyone, meet...

Look! Two posts in consecutive days! Shut the front door!! :)

I still has so much catching up to do, but today I'm starting off with the latest and greatest news--we has a new family member. My super secret clue was the name of my ball-island friend in yesterday's post! I is sooooo sneaky! Internet/bloggy friends, meet Winston!

Now, let me tell you how we got Winston. It was a story of joy, tears, drama and love. See, at Mom's work there do be some not so friendly, non-people liking kitties (Mom calls them ferret or furral or something like that). Well, most of the ferret cats have gone, but apparently there's still one somewhere, because mom's coworkers found two little ferret kittens outside. One, they could not get  which was gray, and a little black kitty that was wanting inside. I think he was saying "I WANT NOMS! I IS STARVING!!"

So the nice office ladies tried to find him a home. Now, mom knows that dad has a new, strict "No more cats" rule, even after Simon and Alley passed. He said Mia kitty was enough. But mom said something was special about this little guy. So after some sweet talking, mom convinced dad to let her foster the kitty until she found him a forever home. Mom disclaimer: In all honesty, this was my goal!!!

When they brought the kitty home, the Boy LOVED IT! He even named it: Cat. He and Cat became like BFFs! 

After seeing how good Cat was with the Boy, mom got on Operation: Keep Cat. She did try to find Cat another home, but everyone just kept saying "Why? He's found one!" Mom was like yes! Dad was like NO!

Me on the other hand, well, I just wanted to play with Cat, but apparently mom said since I'm like 500 times the size of Cat, I was intimidating.

So like a week passed, and this last Friday night Dad in his all serious Dad voice said: We have to find Cat another home. It cannot stay here. It will end up just staying here and we'll end up keeping it and I know that's your goal.

I was like, holy crap! Dad knows of mom's scheme?!? I thought dad's were pretty oblivious to the ways of moms, but apparently he found a handbook or something, cause he flat out called Mom out on her plot.

So then mom began all: I know, but I really want this cat. It reminds me so much of Simon and I miss him so much..

Dad: I know, but no more cats. I'm sorry.

Mom (with shiny wet eyes for effect): But I want it. It's so good with Boy!

Dad: I don't ask for much, I just don't want another cat. I'm sorry.

And it was over. Mom was prepared on Monday to really really really push to find Cat a new home. On Sunday, mom, boy, Cat and me was hanging out waiting for Dad to get home from work. It was also mom and dad's wedding anniversary (12 years! Holy Snausage!). Dad walked in with some beautiful flowers and then said: That's the rest of your present, happy Anniversary. See what mom got:

We got to keep Cat!! Yay!! Mom and boy and Cat and I were so happy (and deep down, Dad was too, he likes to play with Cat, why do men have to be so weird??). Mom said she was renaming Cat to Winston, although Boy still calls him Cat from time to time.

So that's how I now have my new BFF Kitty. He does remind us a lot of Simon, but Winston let's me play with him and I slobber all over him! Welcome to the Blog Winston!


  1. FURST..... just so you know..... Blogger is being a SQUIRREL BUTT right now... and SOME of us can only see the most recent post that comes up... and then when another person posts... that furst one Disapprears... So you may not have as many comments as usual.

    OMD ANNA.... we Love your new fur brother... he is gorgeous..
    Butt we think that the not so bald any more... puppy did Chews a super Name fur him.... CAT just says it all.
    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Anniversary to your mom and dad. We think that your dad was Super SNEAKY about how he gave your mom Flowers and then said YOU CAN KEEP WINSTON CAT.
    HEY.... maybe you could call him THAT... WINSTON CAT.

  2. hawwwoooo Anna!!!! Woos little furiend is a doll! Good to meet you Winston kitteh!!

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  3. Boy HOWDY.... are we EVER glad to have you back in Blogville... you have the BESTEST posts and leave the GREATEST comments. DARN we have MISSED YOU...

  4. Is I seeing duplicashuns or did Frankie Furter and Ernie post two commenties? Anywoo, so TYPICAL of the DADS. We see this all the time coz it be in the Dad Manual. NO MORE PETS, yadda, yadda, yadda. You know why that be? Coz it hurts the dads the worstest when they go to the bridge but they won't admit it. But us wimmen, we CAN get our ways, BOL. So congrats on winning, errrr, I mean the newest brudder in the fambly. And PS I did gess it be a kitteh but I had not figgered out that Winston be the clue. So I gessed it half. And Happy Anniversary! And PPSS I think that the Cat and the Little Bit Hairy Boy make a great pair.

  5. We really don't know why Dad's bother - they should KNOW that Mom's always get their way - eventually and really - how could anyone not love little winston?

  6. Congratulations on your new kitty brother. Your little boy is so sweet with Winston.

  7. Winston is one super cute little cat! Super cuteness might be his superpower, come to think of it.

    My Aunt Julie brought a feral kitten home a year ago from Grandpa's farm after it was sold and that tiny kitty turned into a pretty big cat! His name is Magnum, and he sure looks a lot like Winston. Congrats on getting to keep the little fella!


  8. We just love stories with happy endings!! Welcome Winston!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. Young chikhken tenders ;-) ?

    Seriously, my sympathies on the Furby The Furral Ferret -

    If woo evFUR need any pointers, just paw me!