Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Snow in August = Early Fall

The other day, we were in the yard and mom looked up at our big ol' hackberry tree and went:


I thought she was either about to be attacked by a squirrel or maybe had a seizure or something, but then she got real excited about the snow in the tree.

What you say? It's August in Alabama and a gabillion degrees! There can't be no snow! That's what I said, so mom showed me a leaf:

Hmm...Okay mom, we're worried about you....

Maybe the leaf is an alien and getting in your brain....

So I put the bitey on it....

But then she told me to look. Wow! See the snow!

Well, it's actually not snow. It's these little white bugs that mom says always appear a few weeks before fall arrives! I'll biggify it for you:

Well what the dog! That thing does have little antennae and stuff! Shockingly, their real name isn't: White Fluffy Fall Bug, but instead the Asian Woolly Hackberry Aphid. They does only nom on Hackberry trees and typically, by the time we see them everywhere, it's late summer to early fall! The Woolly Fall Bug may be on to something!!

Speaking of fall, they do fall everywhere! Duncan looks like he has dandruff, but nope, it's the Woolly Fall Bug.

I sure does hope the Woolly Fall Bug is right and we'll be in cooler weather soon! And don't worry, the Woolly Fall Bug doesn't hurt the tree, he just noms on some leaves, but the tree is fine! Maybe if the Woolly Fall Bug is right, he could replace that stupid HedgyHog that never gets the weather right!


  1. It has been a hot one here too and it doesn't look like changing any time soon. Stay cool now. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. WOW those are very much INTERESTING buggies...
    We surely do NOT want SNOW.... EVER. Just sayin Anna.

  3. That is what we were thinking - it seems way to early for fall already yet all the leaves are changing.

  4. We have big old thunder boomers here tonight - the kind that should have come back in May and june. Silly Mother Nature is hopelessly confused. Now snow we would take, in fact we would be wooing quite loudly. Hope your Mom is right.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. We don't have any snow like that around here but we sure wish the real snow would come soon. Snow zoomies are the best!

  6. Wow....we hope you get cooler weather REAL soon!!! Bugs are pretty smart, much smarter than furry weather predicting animals!
    and her Campaign Crew Bilbo, Arty & Jakey

    "To continue Blogville’s Happy Story
    …make sure you cast your vote for Dory”

  7. WFB's must be lots of fun fur woo!!!