Friday, January 23, 2015

Duncan's Football Career is Over

Well, the verdict is in--Duncan won't be playing in this year's Superbowl. The Brett Farve of dogs is on the sidelines.

Mom and dad noticed on Wednesday the old fart's left back leg was stiff. He could get around okay, but when he got on our wood floors, he didn't want to put any weight on it and would slip and fall and go boom. Thinking it was arthuritis, they took him to Dr. Vet yesterday.

After an examination, Dr Vet said:  "First off, at his age (17 in three weeks) and size, I'm impressed the old guy is still with us, let alone in such great shape. I know dogs half his age I wish were in such great shape! But for the bad news, Duncan has a crucial ligament rupture--like a football injury."

Basically, the old guy's knee is shot. He can get around fine, but when he's on an unstable surface (the aforementioned wood floors) it slips and he goes boom.

Put me in coach! Wait, what?
At his age, surgery just really isn't an option. So here's our protocol for right now:

1. Adequan injections
2. Carpet runners on the wood floors for the Duncan trails
3. He needs to lose a few pounds (Mom called out dad for giving Dunc extra noms)

QUACK! QUACK! Do you hear a duck? This doctor has clearly lost her mind. Shots and reduced noms? I'm not amused and ready to go.

So, what do you get an old fart that's for his b'day in three weeks?

No bow needed.

Ta-Da! Rugs and needles! Mom has purchased about 40 ft of matching rugs and made a Duncan trail, which has actually really helped. The old guy is still a little wary of the floor, but is learning that he won't fall on the rugs. I've learned that the kitties can't hear me coming down the hall so I can pounce on them! Muwhahahahahahahaha!

We'll be trying the adequan for  month or two, if that doesn't help, the ortho Dr. Vet says there's a shot they can give in the knee (OUUUUCH!).

So there you go. No Superbowl for the old man, just a reduced nom bowl. Although, mom said he still gets his cheeseburger and fries for his b'day. :)


  1. we know what it is like - Reilly has arthritis badly in his front two paws and Denny has a torn tendon in one back leg. We too had to go out and buy lots of rugs as both were slipping and sliding on the wood floors (also check his paws - make sure he doesn't have a lot of hair growing between the pads as they makes it hard to get a grip too)

    1. Oh! good thought on the paw hair! I think he needs a trim! Mine, of course, are perfect but I be the old man has some old man hair on his feet!

  2. You're such a good dog Mom to Duncan. I hope he is comfortable. We already know he is loved.

    Abby the Lab and her Mom

  3. You can ALSO look into those Balloon looking Paw Covers.... Sugar wears them Constantly... they are supposed to help with the not slipping.

    Poor ol Guy... we are glad that he is doing as well as he is... That is super.

  4. So sorry to hear about Duncan. We just recently went through this ordeal with our GSD Schatzie. She's 8 and we decided to go old school and have the ligament repaired( didn't do the PTLO) older vet used another ligament and reattached. We had to limited her activity for 8 was, adequan shots and cold lazer therapy. It's been 10 wks today and she's doing great.

  5. Poor old Duncan. Looks like mum has found the solution. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Sounds like your folks have you covered Duncan! We have our paws crossed that the pain doesn't get too bad (shot are sucky!)!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. I has just been running back to where I left off on your bloggie and catching up. Poor Old Duncan! I has the cruciate ligament tear too where Arthur Itis set up housekeeping and I is hoping the Adequan fixes werk as well fur Old Duncan as they do fur Old Me!