Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Anna Lisa

As a diva, I love fine art. I can appreciate the time, effort and quality artisans put into their work. I think we also all know that some of the greatest works of art use dogs as their muses.

Fine art at its finest. 

Yesterday when mom got home, she noticed a package on the front door. When she retrieved it, she noticed it was from our friends at It was too small to be the kitty noms and litter, and we already received our Blogger Test Item this month...and I tasted it and it didn't taste like noms...

Hmm...not as delicious as I thought it would be....

Oh, a card from Sydney and all the Chewy blogger program peeps! Apparently they sent me a "thank you for your awesome opinions and awesome bloggyness" present!

This doesn't taste delicious either...
When mom saw my "you're awesome" present she was all "Oh MY GOODNESS!"

What is it mom!?!?!?!

OMD! They did have someone paint me, the Anna Lisa, into art! How flippin awesome is that!?!?!

Does this painting make my ears look big?
I have to say, we were blown away! Now, my only complaint is the little bit of gray they seem to take the "liberty" of adding. I mean, I don't know where they would have thought this came from...whistle whistle...

Winston walked away when he realized it was not noms. Kitties have no art appreciation!

Mom loves it! She's going to put it in her office to remind her of what a beautiful girl I am (like she needs a reminder, we all know this!). Thanks Chewy and Sydney and Blogger team! It's so hard to find good customer service these days, even for companies that deal with  peoples, let a lone companies that deal with furry peoples!!!


  1. in't chewy jut the best to send out such wonderful gifties

  2. OMP!!! Dontcha just love those portraits????? I think the artist captured not only your outer beauty (unquestionable) but your inner beauty as well.
    I gotta agree - those Chewy folk sure know how to make us feel LOVED!

  3. Anna Lisa... that is a PAWFECT Portrait ... Isn't the BESTEST ever??? We love them and Miss Sydney and Miss Lauryn is a GRAND artist.

  4. These portraits are so cool. Lucky all who got them we say. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. The Mona Lisa has nothing on your enigmatic smile! You are definitely a work of art, Anna!