Friday, July 10, 2009

My new toy!

Bloggy friends, meet my new most favoritest toy! It's a chiken! It's made by the same people that make my Bad Cuz, and while Cuz is awesome, I am in love with my chiken.

Mom calls it Bawk Bawk, cause if she calls it chiken I think it's time to eat and run to the fridge. So, she called it Bawk Bawk. Daddy asked why she didn't just call it Cluck Cluck or something and mom said for daddy to shut up, it's Bawk Bawk and it's going to stay Bawk Bawk. Dad just rolled his eyes and watched TV.

Anyway, I love Bawk Bawk because it doesn't just squeak, it makes a noise like a minature elephant being attacked by wombats. It's sooo funny. And I just love to lay there and squish it and make it make noises and make mommy and daddy try to ignore it but then I just get LOUDER! I can't believe they actually bought me this weapon of distraction! Muwhahahahaha!

Other than that, I survived my first fouth of July. I really didn't pay any attention to the fireworks...Duncan completely spazed out and had to be put inside, but I just chilled out.

OH!! And while at aunti Lou's house I found a dead squirrel! It was awesome! But mom saw me with it and, yep you guessed it, said "Leave it!" I almost made her chase me with it, like I do with her underwear in the mornings, but I dropped it. But man, that five seconds of nasty squirrel in my mouth was what makes this country great!

Anyway, I don't know what we're doing this weekend. I think mom is itching to go on a hike or something, but we're not sure how hot it's going to be. The weather dude keeps talking about the high human-di-ty but it's been kinda nice. Mom says if it's low humandity we might go to Auburn this weekend and let me walk around campus and Chewbacca park!


  1. Oh yes!

    Those kind of khuz's make the bestest loudest noises!


  2. That chicken is just so kewel! At our house we'd have to have two of them or someone would be really sad☺

  3. Wow! That looks like a fantabulous chew toy! I'll have to get my momster to get me one too. :)

  4. Wow, you scored chicken AND squirrel - good going, Anna. We have that same chicken here and TD loves to do just what you do, drives the bipeds nuts.

    woos, the OP Pack

  5. Hi Anna,

    I love your Bawk Bawk, it looks like a really fun toy! Sorry I haven't visited you much. I hope the weather is nice enough for you to go for a hike this weekend!

    Happy Trails
    Ziggy Marley

    P.S. - I've never tasted squirrel, is it any good?

  6. Oh boy, how do you manage to not shred up Bawk Bawk? My boy Jaxson would have that in a thousand pieces. Have fun torturing the parents, errr, i mean, playing with bawk bawk!