Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cooler Weather = Funny Faces

It's finally gotten a little cooler around says it's due to lower "human-dity". Whatever, it feels good. Good enough for me and Duncan to have a all day playfest yesterday!

After two weeks of pent up puppy energy, due to the blasted hotness we totally unleashed. In doing so, Duncan made some funny faces! He's so funny. How can I ever take him seriously when he looks like this?

I stick my tounge out and Ducan goes: "WHHAAAAAA?"

Duncan: Hey there whipper snapper!!!

We really love each other.....really.....

RUN AWAY!!!!!!

You tastes like chiken! You too!!

Anyway, I'm about to experience my first 4th of July. Mom said we're going to go up and see Aunti Lou and Temple and that means I get to play with cousin Lola the corgi, Sadie the Golden and Lilly the Frenchie. I'm pretty pumped. Oh and she's going to make, are you ready for this, PUPPY ICECREAM!!!! Score!!!!


  1. Now we're stuck inside not because it's hot outside but because it's raining and cold. Some days a dog just can't win☺

  2. WE had all that hot weather too and it is no fun being stuck inside. But it has been a beautiful week so far and we got lots of nice walkies in. Hope you have lots of fun visiting your cousins and let us know how that puppy ice cream is. After all we are ALL puppies, right?

    Woos, TD and Phantom

  3. i can see there is a lot of fun!