Tuesday, June 30, 2009

INVASION of Weird Bug Things!!

So the other night I'm out doinf my nightly patrols...I check the per-im-eter for bad guys, possoms, kitties and frogs. Usually I just find frogs, which I chase around and paw at until mom does that blasted "leave it" thing (I've got to break her of this habit, it's crimpin' my style).

But Monday night I found something freaky. I was sniffin near the end of the patio where the evil froggies tend to hide out near the fortress of doom (aka my kiddie pool) and my sniffer sniffed something weird. So of course, I jump back and get into super-puppy-ninja-investigation mode--which means I was sniffing with my neck and body all stretched out so I could run at a moments notice.

I finally found what I was sniffing...it was this weird alien bug thing....like this:

...but it was dark out and it was freaky as hell. I tried to warn mom and dad about the alien by acting like a spaz, mom finally got the flashlight and spotlighted this creature. She called is a "see-cay-duh". Then they laughed at me for warning them through my spazy behavior. I was going to just let the alien bug eat them, since they mocked me, but I had to go back to sniff it one last time...I inched closer...stretched out a bit more...one more step...and then, for the first time, I really wanted to eat mom.
She thought it would be funny to sneak up behind me, grab me and go "Boo!" It scared the holy kibble out of me. I swear, if my butt hadn't closed up I would have pooped on her. I jumped like a foot in the air. She and dad thought this was HIL-ARIOUS. I'm so going to eat the crotches out of all their underwear...that was totally uncalled for!

Now just the shell of the see-cay-duh is left and I finally got the courage to touch it with my nose yesterday. Then last night, I found a green see-cay-duh and chased it around the yard...it just went EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! at me which I thought meant it wanted to play, then it stopped, and I ate it. The end.


  1. That is a creepy little bug for sure, do not blame you one bit for being so very cautious.

  2. Wow, it's early here for cicadas. They are very creepy bugs, but I love to catch them and crunch them until Mom says those silly words "leave it", and like a good boy, that's what I do.

    Woos, Thunder Dunder

  3. Haha, my boys complain that I crimp their style too, that's why they took over my blog. I think they changed the password so I can't even edit it for content. It can be embarrassing at times, but I love them. I too sneak up on them and sometimes scare liquid out of them... hmm... maybe that's why they're against me.

    Your blog is fun! Can't wait to read more!

  4. They make a good snack. Stella and I like to sniff them out and eat them. Stella is better at it than I am so she gets more. We have learned to become sneaky at it so that before anyone can say "leave it", they are already in our tummies. Yum!


  5. I have never seen such a strange bug... does it taste like chikin'?

    I know it's not funny, but my momster LOL at your story! She has scared the treats out of me too... lucky she did it when I didn't have explosive shooting diarrhea!