Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Collar!

I have yet ANOTHER new collar!! It's so fashionable! But mom said it also serves a purpose.

See, I've suddenly become a "spaz" as mom calls it, at PetSmart. I suddenly do NOT like the floors in PetSmart. They're like super slick for my giant puppy paws. It makes me uneasy. Seriously, if you were trying to walk on butter, you'd be uneasy too.
Anyway, so at our last trip, I learned a new trick, I can back out of my collar and run free, through the parking lot and back to the car! Mom was not as entertained by this trick as I was. Well, now that I figured it out, it's game on! I can go or not go where I want! FREEDOM! Muwhahahaha!
That is, until this package was delivered yesterday:
In that little white box was my new collar. I love collars, but should have known something was up when Simon, the head kitty seemed so thrilled by this box's arrival. I now have three including this new one. At first look I was like Oh! Me Likey!!! It's soooooo diva!

Pink camo and skulls? Wicked cool! But then something is different about this collar...Mom said it's called a martingale and I cannot back out of it! So there goes my new trick! I guess I'll HAVE to go where mom tells me to go now. If it wasn't so cute I'd be quite pissed off, but it's cute...here, I model for you!
Oh no! Bombarded by the Pup-a-ratzi!!!
Okay, here's my good side (who am I kidding, they're all good sides!)

Okay, so I can't back out of this collar, but I do really like it! It's so hard to be a diva!


  1. The other dog in my house, Stella has to wear that type of collar. After she slipped out of her old one when she was a pup and got hit by a car, no one takes any chances.

    It's a very pawesome collar and looks lovely on you!


  2. We think that you look like a stylin' doggy in your new collar! You have a very smart momma to think of a martingale! They really come in handy!