Friday, June 26, 2009

Workday Flashback

So this week has been not too monumental. It's been hot, I've laid in my kiddie (or puppy) pool, chased my fox on a pole and taken it easy. Dad's been gone all week but he comes back today and I'm super excited!

Yesterday mom accidently said the "D" word (aka Daddy) and I got so excited I jumped off the bed and went and waited by the door. But no daddy. Mom said she was sorry. I gave her the stink eye and told mom she was a heartless woman and the only way to make it up was to give me Chiken!
Anyway, I did get to go to work with mom this week. She felt bad for me not having dad so Wednesday she took me to her office. I really like her office. I usually just chew on a bully stick or take a nap. I get to see all kinds of people who tell me how pretty I am (duh) and how well behaved I am (keep it comin' people) and that I'm such a smart girl (yeah, it all goes to my head...I'm a diva).

I don't get to go to work with mom all the time, but I've probably been up there like five times. Mom thought it would be cute to try to recreate a picture of me now at 9 months and a picture of when I was up there at three months....can you tell a difference??

Mom says she loves when I come to work with her, that she actually gets more accomplished.
Well, that's about it. I'm just here anxiously awaiting dad's arrival. I'm going to slobber all over him tonight and model my new collar for him! He hasn't seen it yet! Have a great weekend!!

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