Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Workin' the Pole!

I have a new activity! Mom calls it my "chase/teaser" pole. I don't know what it really is, but it's AWESOME!

Mom went to Tractor Supply (where she also found my JollyBall for dirt cheap, just a little FYI) and bought a horse whip, some nylon twine and a Skinnez Fox and since she's the McGuyver of dog toys, rigged up a chase toy for me. She said it's to work on my prey drive, but all I know is it's fun.

See, mom gets the fox thingy on the ground and I chase it! Then I squeak it. Then mom says "drop it" and we start again! I wish it wasn't so dang hot outside so I could play with it more,but mom said my "targeting" is really good and that I'm FAST. Of course I'm fast, I'm the Annabear of Speed! I also like to jump after it, I go flying through the air like a bird then CHOMP! Catch the fox!

Here's some pics of me chasin' da fox. Sorry they're blurry, but I'm just too dang fast for the camera! Engage super-sonic puppy speed!

Come here little foxy foxy!

And I FLY!

Nom nom nom...tastes like CHIKEN!!!


  1. Your animals are adorable! Just stopping by fromSITS to say HI:)

  2. That looks like so much fun! We're gonna go get our momma so she can see that and make us one of those☺

  3. oh, you looks like enjoying it and having alot of FUN!!!