Thursday, June 18, 2009

Moral Support at the Vet

Hey puppers! Well I just got back from going to see Dr. Vet! And nothing happened to me! Yay!

Mom said it was time for Big Bro Duncan's "annual exam" and that I needed to go for moral support. So we loaded up and off we went.

I actually like seeing Dr. Vet. There are so many things to smell and people and puppies to see. Oh, and they have doggie biscuits. And they give them away for FREE! I don't have to do any tricks, they just give them to me. Pretty awesome, no? Maybe mom could learn something from them.....hmmm....

Anyway, we get in the room and they take Dunc out of the room. I did NOT like this. We go together like gravy and train, we're not supposed to be separated. So I waited patiently by the door. Mom said he would be back, I didn't believe her, but who knew, she was right! He came back.

Then Dr. Vet walked in. Of course he couldn't believe how big I've gotten (I'm 59 lbs today and 9 months old on Sunday!) and how shiney I am and what white teeth I have. Then I sat with mom while Dr. Vet and Vet Assistant lady poked and prodded Duncan. He just stood there with that silly grin on his face. Duncan just likes to be touched or petted in anyway, so he was in doggie heaven.

Dr. Vet then said Dunc was in perfect health for his age. And then I realized, how old is Duncan? Dr. Vet and mom said they're not sure since mom and dad got him from the pound 8 years ago and he was already an adult...Dr. Vet said he'd guess around 10-11. Duncan later told me they're all wrong and that he's 9, but he's milking the old man stuff for all it's worth.

So after a few more pets on the head we got out of there. Mom said we may be going back to STAY at Dr. Vet's when she and dad go to Missouri (where ever the crap that is) in a month. As long as I'm not near some crazy yippie barky Mc. Barky dog I might be okay with this...I'm not sure...I'll have to think about it...


  1. Tank woo fur sharing your trip fur moral support!

    I'm glad woo two wow'ed 'em!

    As for going to Misery, they had better be furry khareful! Furiends of my have had LOTS of fun there the past few nights - bad weather...


  2. Sometimes we go together to the vet for moral support too or just to get a weight check. Glad Duncan is doing so well.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. If you have ta go ta the vet's ta stay when youz momma and dada go away, just make sure dat they bring youz back all kinds of treats and purr-esents. That is fun☺