Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Planning my First Vacation!

I'm soooooo freakin' excited! Mom and dad have planned my first vacation!

Life as a pup is stressfull ya'll. Chasing the kitties, going for walks, picking up dead squirrels, meeting new people, attacking Duncan, eating poop...it's way too much. Sooo mom told me that we're all going on vacation (well, not the kitties, seriously, who wants to travel with a kitty?) to the beach!

I have no idea what the crap a beach is, but I'm going! Mom said it's like a HUGE version of the creek with tons of sand or "dirt" I can dig in all day. And instead of chasing frogs, I can chase something called "crabs"?

It's not till September, but it's part of our B'day celebration. My B'day is Sept. 21, Dad's is Sept. 28 and mom's is Oct. 1. We're leaving Sept. 25 for three nights, four days. Mom says we're going to be ROCKSTARS because it's a beach house with it's own private pool. I already have my own pool, but mom said this is better than my kiddie pool. I'm so diva! And it's super puppy friendly and they don't charge anything for pets! Yay!

Duncan doesn't seem as excited as I do, but I'm sure he'll have fun. Mom's on the lookout for a beach umbrella or tent cause she said I'll probably get hot, but whatever. I'm trying to decide what toys to pack. This kinda makes up for mom leaving me this weekend to go to Fee-Nix and then in a few weeks mom and dad are both leaving me to go to Mizz-or-ee.

They were going to board me in the kennel, and I wasn't too thrilled. Last time I was at the kennel I was "fixed" and I had to be locked up to Mr. Barky McBarkerson, so instead they have me a petsitter so we can stay home! Much better!

Okay, I'm off to work on my beach body!


  1. I hope woo have alternate pawrents available...

    If they are really going to Fee-Nix, they might melt befur they hit the ground!

    Good lukhk on prepping fur the shore!


  2. Anna, you are going to have a pawesome time on your beach vacation. Hope you find a good swimsuit. You won't have to work on your body at all, it is just pawfect the way it is now

    woo, the OP Pack

  3. WOWZA! Sounds like that vacation of yours is going to be paw-some! Are momma and dadda gonna get you a new beach towel? We think you should ask for one...one with bones on it.

  4. Oh wow! looks like you'll have TONS of fun! hope you catch a couple of crabbies for me! YUM!