Monday, July 25, 2011

Old Man Checkup

Last week mom finally got to do something she hasn't done in a while, take a critter other than me or Simon to the Dr. Vet!! It's not something she looks forward too, but at least this wasn't because of an eye problem or a thyroid issue, it was just Dunc's old man checkup.

Since he's the ripe old age of 13, Dunc gets the full "Senior Blood Panel" (aka Old Fart Blood Work) done each year now. Mom always gets worried that something will show up. I tell her all the time that Duncan is fine, as long as you feed him during his pre-set feeding times, there will be no problems.

Oh well, so off they went, leaving me at home (BOOOO!). Unlike me, Dunc LOVES Dr. Vet's office. He loves getting petted and treats. Me? Not worth having things stuck up the "you know where" but he doesn't mind.

This time, they also wanted a pee sample. So mom took Dunc out front and followed him around with a tupperware like container trying to capture they "essence de Duncan". It took three times. Dunc told me it was like a fun game. Mom was not amused.

So Dr. Vet called with the bloodwork....the call mom always dreads. But Dr. Vet said he's doing GREAT! Yay!! One thing did come back a little high, and that's his cholesterol. Mom said whatever, he's 13, he's on a raw diet, what more can you do??

Looks like the old man is doing well. I think this means we need celebratory noms!!


  1. Great news, Anna!! Nice to read good health updates once in a while!!

  2. Fur future references, I has seen my mom in akshun getting the essence sampulls to take to the V-E-T. Note I has seened it, this is not thru pawsonal eggsperience. Wot she duss is takes a container and tapes a yard stick to it at an angle so it kinda looks like a golf club. Then mom just stands back holding the udder end of the yard stick and slides the container part unner the stream to catch the essences. Slap the lid on, untape (or pour into anudder container) and wallah, reddy fur the V-E-T and we is not all freaked out coz our moms is trying to stick their hands where and when they dussn't belong. Works on the first shot even fur us gurls - just gotta use a flat container wot slides unner then pour it into something with a lid. A V-E-T tech showed her that trick - you gotta watch them, they is way sneaky.

  3. Big bro Duncan is very brave enjoying his trips to V-E-T. I'm a really cowardy custard.

    So glad to hear how well he's doing.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  4. I'm glad that Duncan's trip to the vet was a good on! I am also very much in agreement on the celebratory noms! I usually like the vet, but after this weekend, I'm rethinking things!


  5. Happee to hear some good news
    Benny & Lily

  6. Whew, it is so nice , Anna, to read about a pup's vet visit and have it all be good. Phantom gets an annual or sometimes even twice a year blood panel done. Always good to find things early on. We are so happy for Duncan. But we sure agree with you - break out the yummy treats for ALL.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Celebatory NOMS are always a good idea!! Bilbo went for his old man vet visit last week too!!! He does NOT like it tho....

    Dory, Jakey and Bilbo

  8. That is wonderful news!!!!! YAY!!!! Good for Duncan!!! He reminds me of my dog Alex who absolutely loved going to the vet...he always thought it was just so cool to go there!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly