Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Puppy Pin Cushion with CHEE-ze

Good morning on this nasty, rainy day. I is here to tell you about Panzer Puppy's ack-u-punkture session yesterday. He and mom gave me all the details, so I is telling them to you.

First, they said it was like a small house, not a noisy Dr. Vet office. It had spa music and good smelling airs and stuff. I don't know if I believe this or if Panzer was just showing off. He said he thought he was going to be getting a massage at first.

Serenity now! 

When mom met Dr. Natalie the Nature vet, she liked her a lot. Long before mom realized that they used to work together like a gabillion years ago when mom was in high school and they both worked at mom's hometown Dr. Vet office.

Anyway. Dr. Nature Vet was shocked by Panzer's story and was impressed at how far he's come. But she said, let's do this and make him betters. After a evaluation, she found he has some blood stagnation and CHEE (Qi--life energy) imbalances. I did not know you could have CHEE-ze imbalance, but I guess so. They said were going to use needles to make it all betters.

Panzer do be looking for this CHEE-ze they was talking about.

Dr. Nature Vet was even more amazed at how chill Panzer was (she must not have been chewing a bully stick, cause there ain't nothing chill about a puppy going after you bully stick like a crazed spider monkey...just sayin). She said she was able to do things on a puppy she had nevers been able to do before!

Typical man, will do anything for treats and noms.
She was even able to get it all electro-acky-punkture and really get his CHEE-ze flowing. I guess it do be like EZ Cheese?

Part puppy, part robot.
At the end she said this will help get the blood and CHEE-ze flowing and get the bad nasty toxins and bloods out. She also gave three herbal supplements to help with this and thinks we'll see even more drastic results in 72 hours. Mom and Panzer are going back next Tuesday for a follow up appointment to see how his CHEE-ze do be doing.

This morning his left leg was less gimpy as he ran over an bit my tail. Humph. I still have to be "gentle" with him, but as soon as his CHEE-ze is all good, it's game on puppy!!


  1. that is excellent news and we sure hope he keeps on improving

  2. Amazing!!! And great news - we are so happy you are seeing such good progress for Panzer.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. Looks like Panzer enjoyed being a pin cushion. We sure hope it helps lots.

  4. OMD, the Panzer gotted the electrification just like me tonight but CHEE-ze? DId you say CHEE-ze? Why did I not gets any? I is shaking them down fur the CHEE-ze next time. (PS - My mom told my Needle V-E-T about the Panzer and that he be getting the Ack! You Puncture! and she say "GOOD!!!" But I did not knows he be getting it with juice, too!) Mom is sitting here BOLing ofur "Dr. Nature Vet"

  5. We's so pleased Panzer is still getting better, not too sure about this acky punkture thingy with all those pins but chee ze sounds good. Hope it helps