Tuesday, September 13, 2011


My dear friend Bunny over at Tales and Tails asked me about something dear to my heart...FASHION!

Bunny has one of the best eyes for fashion I've ever seen, but it seems now that her dear GSD sister Morgan has been taken over by her Mom, Morgan is about to enter the fashion world! Bunny asked about what's in my closet, and man, have there been a lot over the years!

First off, I like pink. Everyone always thinks I'm a boy, so by wearing pink it helps to say "I'm a Lady!" although you'd be suprised how many times still call me "He and Him". Oh well.

These are two of my first hand made collars mom ordered for me! They are a chain martingale, because I had a bad habit as a puppster to back out of my collar and running back to the car. Not fun when Mom was in Petsmart! I don't do that anymore, but mom just likes the way they look. The chain makes me a little hard-core!

This is my current collar and matching leash. Mom buys them all from Fido's Fashion Collars. They hold up great, even at the beach. Hmm...looking at the site I think it's time for a new collar!!!

This is my pink tracking harness. I only wear it when I'm workin' the nose. It allows me to get my nose on the ground without the leash/collar pulling on my neck. And it stands out wonderfully against my furs!

Then I have my Doggles. I think I look very Jacki-O, no? Mom got these for me for my Pannus (an eye condition that I need to keep the UV rays away from). I don't wear them much, but if we ever go to the beach again, they're a must. We'll take them to NC on vacay as well, since I'll be outside a lot.

Speaking of Vacay, here's my backpack. They didn't have pink, but it's okay. Blue is cool too. I wear it on walks around the hood as well, so mom can put stuff in it, like keys, phone and poo bags cause Duncan ALWAYS poops on walks.

Then there's GAMEDAY!! Awwww yeah boyyyeee! Mom made me an Au bandANNA!

Then mom ordered my LUCKY Auburn Collar! The Tigers are undefeated since I started wearing this! I only wear it on gamedays. Mom got it from a friend of Aunt Temple at

Designs by Trucks. I highly suggest this if you need your team to pull out a W!

But I have a super secret with my collar...it's only lucky if I wear it upside down!! Hey, whatever works, right?

Mom said I'm about to add to my collekshion....an orange No Huntin' Me Vest for when we go to the mountains. We may go get it tonight actually at the Bass Pro Shop.

Mom also said that I might get a suprise from our friends at Pikoda Collars for my b'day that's coming up...hmm....wonder what I'll get?

So there you go! What are your favorite fashions you have and where do you buy them? We're always looking for a deal!!


  1. Wow!! This was like opening up Vogue first thing in the morning! Thanks for the tips, Anna!!

    -Ruby (and her dork brothers, too)

  2. Hey Anna!
    Wow, you're like a super model! Pink is a great color for you. I wear lots of bandanas. Some bought and some made by Mamaw (Frankie's Mom). I get all of my collars and leashes from wwwDOTclarascollarsDOTcom. Her stuff is pawesome! Great fashion show, Dahhlinnk.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. I love the color against your fur! And I LOVE the doggles! Teehee!

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  4. I is so glad that you is getting no-huntin-me orange, Anna. All the cool dogs wear it during huntin' season. You know, we woz researching a hike in Furmont wot we mite do and on top of the mountain there be the grave of a dog wot woz SHOT BY A HUNTER!!!! Wear your orange efurrybuddy!

  5. You DO look like Jackie O in your Doggles!! I love the flower thingy that your mom made fur your collar... How did she do that???

  6. You sure make a good model. Are you giving pawtographs? Bunny is the fashion queen alright.
    Benny & Lily

  7. OOooooooo! Anna! You have one fantastic wardrobe! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Morgan is a fan of Walk E Woo collars, but you have some that are just fantabulous! You have NO idea how badly we needed this lesson in German fashions, and I knew you were the girl to ask!


    P.S. Morgan has pannus, too, but hers is atypical pannus, and she doesn't get to wear cool Doggles for it!

  8. Wow Anna....you are quite the fashionista!! Lookin' good girlfriend!!


  9. You are ROCKIN' the fashions, Anna! Your pink collection is awesome!

    Sorry to read about your pannus. Our brother GSDs had it long ago when the lived at high altitudes, but it went away when they moved to the lowcountry. Go figure.

    The Road Dogs

  10. Hello Anna!

    That's a lot of really pawesome fashion stuff! The pink and orange collars sure fit you so perfectly.

    We are hoping we can post more often. For now, we are ok reading through friends' blogs and that of course includes yours.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie

  11. Wow Anna! I had no idea you were such a glamour girl! I am not going to let Lady, Lucky, and Katie see this post or they're gonna feel woefully underdressed! :)

  12. We are envious of all your pretty things!! The Mr is not a fan of exchanging hard-earned money for dog fashion. He just doesn't understand. I have to buy all their collars, costumes, etc on the sly and then when they bust out with their new diggs say "oh that? I got that a long time ago...on sale" The things I do for style *sigh*

  13. You ARE very fashionable Anna. We usually go for function over fashion but sometimes Chester and Gretel get "just because" cute stuff. I got a tutu and polka-dot jacket for Gretel. You can see them here at https://www.facebook.com/g82designs#!/media/set/?set=a.174148972638384.61951.170649012988380. She makes stuff for big dogs too :)

  14. Wow, you are a true fashionista Anna. Great collar collection.

  15. My mom used to make that for some of my furiends.. So nice to see another doggie wearing the flower..