Saturday, December 12, 2009


Yeah, this picture describes the weather here today. Craptastic. It's raining. And cold. But not cold enough for it to snow, just cold enough to make it nasty....36 degrees and rain. Blah!
Duncan wanted no part of being outside. He didn't want to play, he just wanted to go intside. Sigh.

I tried to get mom to play with me and my chewed up frisbee, but she said no, it's too cold and rainy. Playing frisbee by yourself sucks. It's actually pretty much impossible. Double Sigh.

So I just gave up. Came inside, curled up on the couch and took a nap by the tree. I hope it's not raining tomorrow! I'm going stir crazy! I hope you guys are having a great weekend! I'm off to chase a kitty. It's all I have! Stupid rain!


  1. Great earlier today, but now it is freezing rain and sleet outside. Snow is cool. This - not so much.

  2. We had some drizzle here and all it did was take away what little snow we had. Anna, come on over to our place - TD would love to play with you even when it is raining.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  3. Yep, Cold and rainy here all day. can't make snow angels in the rain, huh???
    If it isn't gonna snow, we want warm, sunny days!
    Licks and Sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  4. We had bloo skies today but tomorrow the winter slime moves in - rain/sleet/freezing rain. Big ditto on the BOO.

  5. I would have played with woo in the rain!

    Next time, ring me please!


  6. Rain and 36 degrees...yea, we agree...not super fun. We were rain and 44 degrees here...
    How'd ya do with the kitty?

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  7. Sleet here and very cold. I'm still not sure what the weatherman means when he says we will have sleet or freezing rain because it's all ice! Can't even get Holly to go outside to use the bathroom...she's afraid of the steps and I can't blame her...falling on ice is not good. We want snow..nice fluffy snow!!

  8. Yeah, Marge is having a similar day. She's about to lose her mind with staying inside and not getting to do anything.

  9. Oh Anna we have been disappointed with our weather all week too! Me and Banjo tried to go out again today but even with our coats on we lasted maybe five minutes. Winter sure sucks!


  10. We had rainy weather over the weekend too! Hope it's sunny for you soon!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  11. We had sunshine this weekend, but it's been raining for soooo long before that I nearly forgot what sunshine is! Love your tree, Mum hasn't got ours yet, hope she gets it soon or Santa Paws won't have any where to leave my prezzies-Finn

  12. Yepper rainy weather does suck.. We usually get mom out there in it though.. She is a real trooper.. hehe
    Have a great nap...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie