Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wanna See Something Funny?

Hee hee...okay, okay, I'm trying to control myself. Really, I am, but OMG this is sooooooo funny!Okay okay...breathe! Okay, so here's the set up. I was happily chewing a bully stick, Duncan was passed out snoring and mom and dad were looking for a phone book or something, and while they were going through the cabinets and stuff, dad pulled out this shirt...a TINY shirt.

Dad: "Honey, what's this?"

Mom: "Oh, it's an Auburn shirt I bought for someone's dog, but it was too small, it won't fit any dog I know."

Dad (with an evil grin): "I know who it will fit..."

Mom: "Oh no, wait a second, what are you thinking...."

Dad: "SIMON!"

I almost spit out my bully stick. Duncan woke up with a snort. The other two kitties who were nowhere to be found popped up like gophers.
I was even more shocked when mom, who usually defends Simon from everything was like "Hee hee...let me see that!" Sure enough, mom got the wee T-shirt that says: I Eat Elephants (Elephants are the mascot of Auburn's evil rival, The University of Alabama) and Simon, and, and.....OMG it's soooo funny! Are you ready?!?!!? ARE YOU READY?!?!

I think he looks happy? Don't you? Bahahahahahahaha!!!!

He tried to escape....

But I stopped him in between laughing my butt off!

He gave mom a serious case of stink eye!
I think this looks says it ALL!

I'm still laughing about this. I may have peed myself a little. Even Duncan got in several laughs. The other kitties pointed and stared then realized what was up and ran away before mom and dad could find them.

Mom took off the shirt after her and daddy finally composed themselves. Simon acted like nothing ever happened. I guess denial is the best way to get over something. But it sure was funny!


  1. Not sure if we commented already...but oh my! Purrrrrrfect fit!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  2. The kittehs has no senses of hoomors about these things. But as long as I is not the one hasing to dress up, WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

  3. Hi Anna,

    That was purdy darn funny. Simon doesn't look happy at all. Now that I think on it, I never ever heard of a cat that "MOL". They take life way to seriously.



  4. BOL! Simon the kitty does not look happy! BOL!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  5. Yes, that would be embarrassing - having to wear an Auburn shirt. Now, if it had been a University of Tennessee shirt, that would have been cool. Grins.

  6. Oooooo, it isn't nice to make fun of a kitty-cat. You never know when they will creep up behind you and grab your tail with their claws!

  7. I'm calling the ASPCA-as soon as I stop laughing!!!

  8. OMG...that is funny!!! I think Simon looks like he is plotting revenge in the last picture!!! I didn't even know you could get a shirt on a kitty without them tearing you to death! I think I'll give it a try one day and see what happens. Very good pictures!!!