Thursday, December 10, 2009

Timemachine Thursday: Santa Scoop

Hello all! Sorry I’ve been missing, but I’ve been trying to gain access to the NP (that’s North Pole) to get the scoop on this Santa fella. It’s been really hard, and alas, I’ve failed. BUT I did decided to use my time machine to go back and find out the truth about Santa, since I can’t use it to get to the NP, but I can use it to go into his past!

See, the man in red has many names other than Santa, he’s like the Prince (or artist formerly known as) of the holiday world. Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Pere Noel and more.

Apparently it all started a looooong time ago in Italy.

These three Italian lady peoples and their families weren’t doing too well on the money front. And back then people had “dowries” or basically money for some dude to marry their daughters (mom said this wasn’t the case with her and dad, she was a broke college student). The dad of these girls was so desperate to get them married, that he was going to sell one of them into slavery!

But Saint Nicholas heard of this, went to their home late one night and anonymously threw three bags of gold down the chimney. Oddly a bag fell into each of the girls’ stockings that were drying by the fire. This gift allowed all girls to marry and not have to be slaves!

Later in his life, St. Nicholas tried to help others by giving unselfishly to others, and legends of his kindess spread all across Europe. Sadly, Mr. Nick died and on the date of his death, December 6th, was commemorated with an annual feast, which gradually came to mark the beginning of the medieval Christmas season. On St. Nicholas' Eve, youngsters would set out food for the saint, straw for his horses and schnapps for his attendant (I’m sure there was something left for his dog too…ahem). The next morning, obedient children awoke to find their gifts replaced with sweets and toys.

So what does it take to be Santa? Let’s see…

Hat: Check
Beard: check
Red suit: check
Bag o’ gifts: check

Whaddya think? Think I can pass as Santa Paws?

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas season! I know I am!


  1. Looking good there Annabelle!!! Working hard we see... Great post!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  2. Very interesting story about that Santa fella. Thanks for sharing! I is so relieved I does not has to be sold into slavery coz of him!

  3. Thanks for the info!
    Ho Ho Ho to you,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  4. HI Anna,

    Thanks for researching Santa Paws. Now we know all the facts and will keep our paws crossed we get lots of goodies in our stockings.


  5. That is very interesting!! Thanks for the history lesson...we really didn't know that! We think you would pass as a wonderful Santa Paws...there is no doubt about it!!!

  6. Very interesting. I have not heard this tale before. I think you make an excellent Santa Paws. I also got to play Santa this past weekend and I will be again this weekend to come. I will post some pics soon. Sorry I haven't been by lately. I have been busy and with the death of my uncle I have not had a whole lot of time. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  7. We think you make a pawfect Santa - please come to our house - we'll even open the door so you don't get stuck in the chimney.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

    Pee Ess, tell your Mom to totally neglect her Christmas Cactus, water in once in a great while and keep it in a cool place. Our Mom has no clue why hers is blooming, she totally ignores it.

  8. What a sweet tale!
    You make an excellent Santa Paws...hope you have enough gold!
    Christmas greetings to you guys too!

  9. Thank you for that little history lesson, it was very interesting!!

    We think you would make an excellent Santa Paws!!

    Waggles & Chi kisses, Chewy & Lilibell

  10. I think you're looking like a good Santa impersonator!

  11. Cool...S-Anna Paws!!!

    Thanks for the great info Anna!

  12. Give us presents, and we will be glad to call you Santa Claus. Can you tell what high standards we have?