Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vet News and Toys!

So we went to the Dr. Vet this started out fine. I had some cheese, saw some other doggies, then it happened...they stuck something in my butt. It went downhill from there.

Everything is good...I'm a healthy weight, my teeth and stuff are all good, no bugs. But then they asked Dr. Vet about my leg. Dr. Vet did some MORE poking and prodding and made we walk so she could watch, then poked and prodded again and is thinking I might have a big word that basically means elbow dysplasia.

She told mom and dad that she wants me to get some xrays in January and then if it is the big bad ED (not that kind of ED that men peoples need a blue pill for...hee hee) then we'll find an ortho vet and go from there.

Mom and dad are hoping my xrays come back fine. They're also doing my hips too to make sure they're okay too. I guess the cool thing is I get to see what my bones look like! Cool! And mom is very glad she enrolled me in doggy insurance when I was a little pupper!

After Dr. Vet, we came home and chilled out. Mom and Dad said Santa must have came by while we were gone cause I had two pressies! So I got to open them...I got a big Alley-gator with like 16 squeakers and a smaller, Alley-gator minion that squeaks! I've been having fun playing with them and Santa brought Duncan a Puppy chocolate bar. He doesn't care about toys, but he loves food!

Gimme! Gimme!!

Wow, 16 squeakers! Santa must be CRAZY!!!

I got a gator ARMY!

Less squeakers, but he's VERY loud! And makes a great boa!

Mom! Some privacy puh-lease! Geez!

We'll be traveling up to Granny and Pawpaw's tomorrow, so I don't know if I'll be blogging much through Christmas! If I don't, I wish you and your family the very best holiday ever and that you get tons of fun pressies from Santa! I know you've all been good!!


  1. Life is good, Anna, life is good.

  2. Happy HOWLidays to ALL of woo!

    Paws khrossed that things chekhk out okay fur woo!

    Woo do have khwite the gathering of gators!


  3. I is so jellus bout your gators! They is pawsome! I gotted a stuffed skwerrel (not a real one like I wanted) but Sydney swiped it. Getting a pikshur of your insides is a good idea. I gotted a pikshur of the insides and the V-E-T sayed I has "beeootiful hips" so I is hoping your V-E-T says the same bout your inside pikshurs when you get them. Has a grate howliday!

  4. Hi Anna,

    I hope you x-ray pictures show your elbow is a-ok. You sure got some big stuffies. With all those squeakers you can make lots of noise! Have a great time at your granny and paw paws.


  5. I hope the X-Rays come back negative for all dysplasias and other icky things. Sorry to hear about it!

    In the meantime, you look like you're keeping your spirits high with that amazing squeaky toy!

  6. I will be praying that your xrays comes back very good Anna! Cool toys!! Have a great Christmas. Lots of love to all!!!!!

  7. Merry Christmas Anna!!

    We have you on our paw list to make sure that all is well with your elbow!!!


  8. Did Mom and Dad give you all the Gators because they hate University of Fl??? I was so glad Bama beat them...
    Hoping for good news about the elbow!
    Very Merry Christmas to you all,

  9. Good to hear all is well!! New toys..ohhh I love new toys!!

    Merry Christmas my friend!!!

    Olive :)

  10. I've been looking for a big toy with lots of squeakers for my boy. Who makes it & where did you get it please??

  11. Glad to hear that the vet appt. was mostly all good and we will keep our paws crossed that the leg is just fine. Those are some great presses you got there.

    Wishes to you and the family for a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  12. Merry Christmas to a darling pooch who has brought us smiles and happiness throughout this past year. Your gentle ways and upbeat attitude have been a source joy!

  13. Happy Christmas Anna, Mom & your family!

    We keep our paws crossed that the X-rays get you cleared. You got coool pressies. The Alley with 16 squeakies is too exciting. Princess & Mocha would surely go crazy to have one of those.

    We are happy to be your friends and we look forward to more adventures with you.

    Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

    -Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Scrappy, Bullet & Mommy