Monday, December 21, 2009

You Shouldn't Have...Really!

So it's the week of Christmas! Yay! Everyone is all holly and jolly and stuff. Mom is off most of the week, I get presents (I think they bought the whole kitty/present destruction of 2009 thing...ha ha!) and get to go see Granny, Pawpaw and Rebel and....Dr. Vet? screetching tires sound effect....Dr. Vet?

Wednesday Mom and Dad are taking me to Dr. Vet for my "annual exam." The day before Christmas. What the crap parents? You're killing me here! I don't even have time to study! This is supposed to be a time of joy and happiness, not thermometers up my bum!

This has to be like the worst Christmas present ever! But mom said since they got me last year the week before Christmas, that my shots are due on the 23rd. Wait, more screetching tires....SHOTS?!?!

No good is going to come of this...I can tell. Mom also wants Dr. Vet to check out my left front leg. If I land on it a certain way at random moments in time it hurts and I yelp and mom gets all freaked out and worried. I told her I'm fine, but she doesn't believe me. Sigh.

But mom did say since Dad has to work Christmas Eve that Santa may come by the house Wednesday night and give me some presents, then I'll get some more on Christmas day. This makes the trip to Dr. Vet not as bad, maybe. I'll have a full report on how it goes.

Oh, and I'm so jealous of all my yankee friends who have some totally awesome snow!


  1. The vet sounds like family.... If so,you are probably lucky. Sasha does the same thing sometimes. Hope it turns out to be nothing. Your Mom just loves you. Maybe the presents will really help a lot.
    Ernie & Sasha

  2. Anna...please don't be afraid of the vet. I know it's not fun to go but your mom is doing it for you to stay in great health for a very long time! My mom makes me go alot and I've gotten so I actually like it there. They always give me treats and make over me like I'm a queen. My vet now has this neat thing to take my temperature and it's used in my ear instead of up my butt which is not fun. Me and mom both hope you get a great report at the vet and get lots of treats and toys. As far as the snow, yep, we sure got it. 18 inches of it and it's past my legs and halfway up my back. It's cold though. Love Holly and her mom!!

  3. Poor Anna, that stinks, going to the Dr. Vet right before Christmas...Hope you pass all the exams w/ flying colors!
    We're "snow" jealous too!
    Hugs and belly rubs,

  4. Now you know, the V-E-T mite not be so bad if'n you has your mind on Santa Paws and is not paying attenshun to wot the V-E-T is doing. Just barkin...

  5. Hi Anna,

    I'm sorry you have to visit the vet. No fun at all! Maybe they will feel bad and give you lots of treats. I hope your sore leg is nothing serious.


  6. First of all - we are in North Carolina. 2 feet of snow. Decidedly not Yankee. Just saying. Grins.

    Hope the Vet goes well. We actually like going to the vet, except for that blood taking and, er, temperature taking thing. The shots are really non-events for us.

  7. Well, those annual visits really are important ones. And maybe if you are extra good there, Santa will bring even more pressies.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  8. I'm sure woo khan use it to your advantage fur more pressies!

    PeeEssWoo: Woo khan khome play with me in my snow!

  9. Anna, if your front leg hurts, it seems like a vet visit is the best thing! Don't worry - maybe mom will make up for it and buy you more pressies for Christmas.

  10. We're sorry you have to go to the vet, Anna. Hopefully, you'll get lots of great pressies afterwards!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  11. Hopefully there will be lots of presents to help ease the V-E-T visit!


  12. What? You don't like the Dr. Vet? Doesn't he give you treats? I go and I get treats.
    Merry Christmas Anna. Enjoy all the presents and special Christmas food.
    Dalton, the black dog.