Monday, April 11, 2011

Cough cough Hack Hack...sigh

How was your weekend? Was it full of fun adventures, sunshine and awesomeness? Want to know how my weekend went?

Here's a soundbyte:


Snot noises



"OMG we're DYING!"

Yep. That's what I heard. I had double-dose nurse duty as BOTH parents were sick! We're not sure if it's allergies or a sinus infection or both (mom calls it the "plague of neverending snot death") but all our fun, outdoor plans got thrown out with all the used tissues.

I guess as soon as Simon and I get better, mom and dad have to go get all sickly. But they PROMISED me this weekend we'll have fun. It's Bark in the Park Saturday, a fundraiser/doggie event for our local humane society. And we're going. If I have to drag them out by their Breathe Right strips, we're going!


  1. I hear you on this one Anna - my dad had the flu a couple of weeks ago and that is EXACTLY what we all heard for days and days !!! Hoomans are so woozie when they are sick!

  2. Oh noooo... I hope you don't catch it! Tell them that I hope they feel better soon!

    Woofs & hugs (from a safe distance),


  3. BaaaWaaaaah I am Dying here... and not from the Death by Snot Plague either. THIS is one HYSTERICAL Post... I can't help it... It is just soooooo funny. RUNNY FUNNY!!!! Love the Breath Right Strip Ending!!!!
    WHOOOOOOIE.. this gets the BEST BLOG POST of the WEEK award.

  4. I hope everyone is better. When my human is feeling bad and laying in bed I come over and give her a little doggie aroma-therapy - I breathe right up close in her face. She usually pops right up and gets moving. Sometimes she screams "yecch".

  5. Oh dear, please tell Mom and Dad that we hope they feel better soon. We just read about Booker's Bark in the Park fun, so we know you will have a great time at yours.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Duss those Breath Right strips rilly werk? Would they keep mom from snoring and waking me up all nite long? Hope your pawrents get ofur their sickies soon afore you come down with a BIG case of the cabin fevers!

  7. Awww shucks! That must suck for both your hoomies. We hope they get better real soon!

  8. Yes, our weekend was full of sunshine and awesomeness:) Sorry to hear that your Mum and Dad are crook and you're having to nurse them, Anna. I'm sure they'll make it up to you next weekend. The Bark in the Park event sounds great. We've never been to anything like that.

  9. The pollen is so bad here, we're all coughing!
    Hope your peeps feel better soon!

  10. I bet you are doing a great job of looking after the sickie humans.

    Glad you have a nice weekend to look forward to as a reward for being patient.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  11. Take good care of the pawrents, Anna.. hope they feel better soon and that you can have double the fun next weekend.

  12. Oh, not the dread snot noses! Ugh! Anna, I am so sorry you had to deal with that instead of going out adventuring! I wish our Bark in the Park were this Spring. It seems like everybody else is having theirs now. I agree, drag them by their ankles if you have to!


  13. Anna, we know those sounds very well. We hope your parents both get well really soon so that you don't have to drag them out by their Breathe Right strips!! Take good care of them!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  14. We won't mention the beautiful walks we took yesterday or the nice pictures of flowers that mom took, or how our stream water is running clear.... Um, Bart went to the vet today. He had a sore neck...


  15. you must be busy taking care of them...hope they feel better
    Benny & Lily

  16. So sorry to hear that your weekend was full of snot noses and you had to take care of your mom and dad instead of going out for some fun. I had a terrific weekend with Rosie as you know she's my angel :)
    Hope your parents get well SOON!!!
    ~ Eva

  17. You should have taken pictures of your pawrents.. I hope you didnt catch anything nasty from them and I hope they are feeling better now.


  18. I'm furry lukhky when my mom gets the khrud like that - she's khwite the trooper -

    Paws khrossed fur your humans khough khough hakhk hakhk to be gone!


  19. Oh my god, Anna - by their Breathe Right strips? BAH!!
    I'm so sorry your parents are sick - nothing fun happens when we're sinus-y here. I've found that a neti pot and some advil work like a charm. Yeah, "nutty pot" as Matt calls it, but he's never had a sinus migraine! I hope everything goes well for the Bark in the Park. We have a PoochFest for the local animal shelter here, too!