Friday, April 8, 2011

Protekt This House!

As a German Shepherd, part of my job is to protekt mom, dad, the house, Duncan and, sigh, the kitties. I take this seriously. I'm willing to take on any foe (as long as they don't have a vaccum cleaner, skateboard or the like) to protekt my peoples.

Squirrel. Bring it.

Pizza delivery guy? I'm on it.

UPS man...well, he brings me stuff so I just let him know I'm "keeping an eye on him".

But my main nemisis lurks around our neighborhood like a poisoned snake. Glance by and you'll miss him. He hides in people's shrubberies and looks in windows. He goes through people's trash and learns about them...and I keep my eye on him. Watching for the moment to catch him and be hailed as a heroine!

Last night, he almost walked into our backyard as mom and dad were up on the back patio, clueless the the danger in the bottom part of our yard. But I was there. I was like a ninja waiting to strike! As soon as he got ready to hop our fence I went into action! I ferociously barked and tried to get mom and dad's attention!

Finally mom came down to see what the "fuss was about." I tried to warn her to stay back, this is not a guy you want to take lightly...but then mom just started laughing!! Can't you see the danger in the photo?!?!

Let me biggie-fy it!

Yes, it's a black and white kitty!! OMG!! Not just any kitty. I HATE this kitty. I mean, I'm pretty equal opportunity when it comes to kitties, but he's always taunting me and this time he was on my property chasing a chipmunk!! That is MY chipmunk!! What' next?? He goes after MY squirrels!?!? This will not do, my friends.

Mom finally got me inside and I quickly ran to the front windows to see my foe...and there he was. Across the street, glaring at me. Until we meet again kitty....


  1. Oh my! This sounds so much like Morgan that I had to double check and make sure she hadn't taken over your blog! If you think that's bad, Anna, we have a black and white cat here in town and he STALKS us on our walks! Oh, if only that leash didn't hold us back, we'd teach that cat a lesson he'd never forget. We feel your pain!


  2. Good job on protecting - you REALLY have to watch those unknown kitties - they can be sooooooo sneaky and you are NEVER sure what they are up to. They can have that haughty look that says I am just passing by when in reality they are planning ways to get in YOUR yard. Keep on watching I say!

  3. yes, it might be a "Killer Kitty". You never know. Keep up the good work.
    By the way.....plastic bags really scare me.

  4. EXCELLENT A+ Superior job of protecting your Kingdom. THAT ....THINGY.... looks pawsitively EVIL.

  5. I am rather fond of cat myself. ~Fenris

    We are all very relieved Simon is OK.

  6. OMC....I iz LMFTO at u wif dis evil nemesis kitteh. We kittehs r sneaky u best be on the look out at all times.


  7. Anna! Thank you for letting me know about your Bully Cat! So funny we posted about them on the same day! I would have thought I was the only one who had this problem. Us doggies need to band together!

    Woofs & hugs,


  8. Anna, you just have to do everything in your power to protect your kingdom. The cats seem to steer clear of ours - they must have gotten the message through the grapevine. We wish the bunnies would catch on too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. I know that Eva can sympathize with you!
    Those kitties are taunting little 'uns! Becareful of them too!!!!

    You are doing a great job protecting your humans from him!

  10. Protect the house and the family! Black kitties are evil kitties.

  11. I have to admit that your story brought our friend Morgan immediately to mind. I think that you and Morgan should compare notes!

    I hope that kitty got the message!

  12. There is nothing worse than a taunting kitty. They seem to know how close they can get without getting caught. I am very glad that Simon is well again.

  13. BOL! Anna, you're such a funny girl. Perhaps you should set a few traps outside your fence & hope that kitty gets trapped in one of them. You can then make some roasted kitty for din dins!

  14. OMD! We have a black & white taunting cat in our hood too!!!! McIver HATES him!


  15. Anna, you are great at protecting your kingdom! A kitty that chases your chipmunks and squirrels certainly needs to be chased away! Keep an eye out for that one....we have one like that around here that goes up and down the alley behind the houses and taunts the dogs! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  16. I shudder to imagine the trio of Morgan, Nyxie, and WOO!