Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eye haz good news, and Eye Mad at Mom!

Hola!! Mom is back from her conference, so that means I'm back too, with my internets. Not much has been going on here, it was a beautiful weekend, but dad worked all of it, so we just bummd out at home. But I do have good news!

Last week mom took me to Dr. Eye Vet to see how my pannus is going. After all the kitty news, mom needed some good furkid news...and survey says: my eyes are 85 percent improved!! Dr. Eye VET was very happy and said I should be good to go! How cool is that?!

Simon is also doing well, he goes back for a blood panel Thursday, so keep your paws crossed. He's still eating a good bit and I'm giving him magikal Anna kisses. Now, on to the bad news....which caused me to shun mom....

I mentioned mom went to a conference, well, now begins her busy travel time! Leaving me with no internets!! She and aunt Temple are going to Denver in May for a week and staying at some haunted Stanley Steamer Hotel (they keep referencing the Shining, but I don't know what this means) and going hiking in the Rocky Mountain Park.

THEN she's going to a 3-day beach conference the next weekend...THEN she's going to Miss-or-ee during July 4th for a family reunion, then ANOTHER conference that next week.

Seriously mom?!? You're just dumping us off with dad?? Yep, she's keeping dad at home too! I mean, I love dad, don't get me wrong and I can get away with more, but GAH, its the principle of the matter!

At least we're all going back to North Carry-line-ah in September on a family vacation. That may win back my affections, but right now. I'm mad at mom. I bet get some majorly cool swag from all these places...


  1. Woo Hoo on the good eye report and Woo Hoo on Simon's doing better. We hope his visit goes well too.

    Bummer on all that traveling for you, but it sounds like a great time for Mom. We hope you can post once in a while so we can keep up with your adventures.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. OH MAN!! Just ignore her. That always works for us. Glad to hear about your eyes, and about Simon, though.

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  3. Wot? No more designer shades? Rilly?!?!?! That be pawsome - I mean to only wear them coz you WANT to not coz you HAS to! Can you swipey the passwerd fur the innerwebs afore your mom abandons you all? How rude of her! (Pee Ess - Yes, mom and I woz most definitely thinking that be like a boozer bottle we found but we wozn't brave enuff to open it up and take a sniff. When we got home mom quick like took the cap off and throwed it in the recycling bin only coz they will not take bottles with caps on - that be the only reason she taked it off. Not like she dussn't like her whiskies or nuttin but who knows wot be in that bottle?)

  4. ANNA... that is such very much GRRRRRREAT news about your Pannus. My cousin Sarge has that too. It kinda started last year and then came back ... all of a sudden... a few weeks ago. I am gonna send him over to meet you. He and his mom and dad will be very much interested.
    Sorry you are gonna get left again.. SO SOON.

  5. We are so happy to hear that Simon is doing well and that you got a good report from the eye doctor. Paws crossed you both continue to do well and some healing purrs just for luck.

    We thinks the Shining is a scary book. We are literary cats here but we rather sit on the books then read them.

  6. Very happy to hear you pets are in better health. Marmie was worried since you hadn't posted in a few days. Marmie left me with Diddy this week. I actually like my male bonding time. Diddy is an expert toy player.

  7. Well, health is always more important!! I'm glad both of you are doing well!
    Sorry to hear your momma is leaving you for a while, but just look forward to your coming family vacation!

  8. I am so happy to hear that your eyes are so much better! Does that mean you don't get to wear your cool Doggles out hiking and stuff? Tell your mom that in between all that jet setting she'd better take you on some good adventures that you can blog about for us all!


  9. We will keep an eye out for you when you are here in North Carry-line-ah.

  10. I'm very glad about your eye report. Just tell Mom that she's got to bring you presents every time she goes away. Maybe it'll get too expensive for her to keep it up.

  11. Good eye report...our paws are crossed
    Benny & Lily

  12. Khyra ---BAH!!!

    I am too chicken to stay at the Stanley Steemer - your mom is brave! Maybe you should sneak into her suitcase to snoopervise ;)

    I'm very glad to hear things are going better health-wise. Worrying about those things is torture.

  13. Anna, did something happen to your eye previously? Anyway, that definitely is a good report! Hopefully it'll keep improving.

  14. Anna, have you had one too many martinis? I can't believe a lady such as you would have your tongue hang out the side of your mouth!!!Or were you looking at a hunky man dog?(I won't tell McIver if you were...)


  15. Oh, you MUST post from the Stanley Steamer!!!!! (I never knew it was an actual hotel you could really stay at!). All the trips sound fun. Great news on the health front. Did you guys get the bad storms the other night??

  16. Geez! What is WRONG with your mom?!?!?

  17. Great report about your eyes and Simon!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  18. Yay to pannus! They better go away soon since they have been around for so long. You are right! I will be throwing up a big fit too if I were in your shoe! Now you have to demand for more treats.